Holiday motivation 2017- how to stay motivated!

With Christmas nearly here it is that final push to be motivated and get everything completed before the 25th. If you’re like me and you’re a university student than this time of the year is especially stressful and motivation is your worst enemy. With assignment dates looming and exams, this time of the year is the most stressful. Here is how to be motivated during Christmas!

How do you manage Brooke to find the time to revise, complete you university work, have a part time job and blog I hear you say. Well honestly I don’t! No matter how well I organise myself and my time one of the above will suffer. But this Christmas I’m adding more stress by trying to complete Blogmas. It’s my first year of Blogging too so I’m very apprehensive as to if I’m doing Blogmas right. I know you’re probably thinking there’s no right or wrong but doesn’t everyone want people to read their blog and enjoy it? I’m hoping that my Blogmas posts have been enjoyable and somewhat readable?

My Boyfriend

I think the only reason why I’m sane and slightly organised this year is down to my boyfriend. He has been motivating me to spend the day time completing university work. We’ve been going together to university or to our social room in our accommodation to do work as I often get distracted when doing work in the flat. He’s also been my number one supporter making sure I have my Blogmas post ready the day before and encouraging me to take my pictures and keep going.


My next challenge this month has been completing my Christmas shopping. I feel like I may have left it a little too late this year. With being so busy I totally forget and then I’ve been rushing around trying to get everything I can. We have nearly done our shopping thankfully but boy has it been a struggle. Anyone who has a low budget or is relying on student finance you will understand the struggle of buying at Christmas. I’m always on the hunt for sales or scouring shops such as Wilko, B & M and Primark for present ideas. Thankfully, my family and friends have been very understanding and have told us not to buy although I just can’t help myself buying just a little bit of something for everyone.

Please let me know if you have any tips or tricks that help you stay motivated over the Christmas period?

Brooke x

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