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I’m back again with another Disney post from my recent vacation. Today I’m going to tell you all about our hotel Newport Bay which we stayed in on our recent trip to Disneyland Paris. When booking this trip we booked to stay in Hotel Santa Fe. Two days before our trip we received a call from Disney to say we had been randomly chosen to be upgraded for free. Upgraded to none other than Hotel Newport Bay. For all those who aren’t familiar with Disneyland Paris hotels they are ranked from 5 stars to 1.


Hotel Rankings

Here is the order of hotels and there ranking:-

Disneyland Hotel 5 stars

Hotel New York 4 stars

Newport Bay 4 stars

Sequoia Lodge 3 stars

Hotel Cheyenne 2 stars

Hotel Santa Fe 2 stars

(As gained from Disneyland Paris website HERE)

So, as you can see we had been upgraded from a 2 star to a 4 for FREE! Yes I can confirm I balled my eyes out when we received this call. As a massive Disney fan who has been to Disney on numerous occasions in my lifetime it meant a lot to me to receive this upgrade. This trip was a 21st birthday present from my parents so to be upgraded to a Hotel I haven’t stayed in meant the world to me.


Hotel Check in

Upon arrival at the hotel you are stopped by security to do routine checks on your car such as looking in your boot. Once parked up in the car park next to the hotel we took our bags and headed for reception. When entering the building from the car park al bags are scanned by security.  As someone who is anxious around large crowds and the unknown this reassured me that I was safe. We were then waved with another security item ( I don’t know the precise name it was like a wand they used). Then we were free into the hotel and by this point I thought my arms were going to drop off so I dumped all of the bags in the middle of the hotel reception whilst my parents checked us in.

After a little delay due to our last minute upgrade and our tickets hadn’t been adjusted to our hotel we were finally ready to head to our rooms. Extra bonus our rooms were on the 2nd floor which was actually the main floor where reception, guest services and the shop was! This meant, no hiking up the stairs as the queues for lifts were ridiculous.


Our hotel room

The room was a similar layout to most of the Disney rooms however it had its own Disney themed touches to match up with the hotels theme.

hotel room number

Our room in fact had a contactless card point where we had to scan our Disney cards to enter the room. This is so much better then when I last visited Disneyland Paris as you had to insert your card which often didn’t work. The only downside was the doors were so heavy and I couldn’t in fact open our door fully Matt had to help me. Disneyland Paris has recently upgraded to this new system of contactless cards. These cards allow you to enter your room, the park and hold any meal plans on. For those, who have been before, the old method was paper tickets which were unreliable. I have to say the new cards are 100% better and more reliable.

hotel bed

In our room we had 2, yes 2 double beds! Me and Matt loved this and actually ended up having a bed to ourselves each and starfishing. Once again, the theming was amazing from the cushion to the bed head. Let me just tell you after walking 7 miles in Disney arriving back to your bed is the best feeling ever and boy was the bed comfy. The pillows were lovely and plump and the duvet was so soft. The hotel included house keeping everyday so in a morning our beds were made and at night our beds were turned down! Like I’m quite happy to make my own bed but wow, this really made getting into bed feel extra special.

hotel throw

Even the throw was sailing themed with anchors and compasses. Although, this throw spent the majority of my holiday on the floor as apart from looking beautiful it had no real use to me.

hotel pillow

The bed had four very plump cushions. Two which me and Matt believed were feather pillows and two cotton ones. There was also a blue sailing themed “decorative” pillow I would call. It wasn’t that comfy as a pillow but did look good and added to the theming of the room.

hotel headboard

The head board has to be one of my favourite parts of the room. Can you see the hidden Mickey? It’s a rather large one! But the fact that the hidden Mickey is a ship wheel as well just makes my day.


Dressing Area

hotel dressing table

An extra bonus in our room was a dressing table. Welcome to our rubbish table, anything that didn’t have a place ended up on here. In hindsight if I’d of had more time in a morning I would of leisurely done my makeup here but I didn’t have time for that.

hotel tv and drawers

Next to the dressing table was this lovely blue round chair. I can’t comment on how comfy it was because I didn’t sit on it as we had plenty of room. But I imagine if you’re a family of four and maybe have a travel cot too this chair would be a life saver for you to sit on. The room also had these cabinets that me and Matt used to keep our clothes in. The room did have a tv which we didn’t actually use due to limited time. But I presume for a family with young children you would use this more whilst your children are napping.



hotel sink

Now, I like to think of myself as a bathroom snob. The first I do when I go anywhere is look at the bathroom. I like a clean, tidy bathroom don’t ask me why it’s such a big thing it just is. Now unlike the other hotels I’ve stayed in within Disney this is where the room differed. There was two sections to the bathroom. First was the sink area/wardrobe. The sink had a massive mirror above it, perfect lighting, plenty of surface space and cupboard space below. I spent the majority of my time at the hotel at this sink doing my makeup singing along to Disney songs.

Opposite the sinks was the wardrobe/safe area. Matt utilised the wardrobe space the most as I folded a lot of my clothes instead. Also, we had an iron and ironing board at the right hand side of the wardrobe which is brilliant for getting them creases out of your clothing from your travels. We also used the safe so much to keep our travel documents, money and electrical items safe whilst we were in the park.

hotel bathroom

The bathroom itself was located in a separate room. I liked this as in a morning whilst Matt showered I could do my makeup at the sink. The bathroom itself has a bath with a shower in it. The only issue was the shower wasn’t very powerful which took a while to wash my crazy, thick hair. Other than that, the bathroom was so spacious and even had a little seating area.

hotel carpet

Now, I couldn’t not mention the theming of the carpet in our rooms I mean hidden Mickey our what?!


Hotel Reception & Shop

hotel arrivals

The hotels reception area was very grand and resembled a reception check in on a cruise. (I presume a very expensive one as the cruises I’ve been on didn’t look this grand)

hotel gift shop

All Disney hotels have a shop located on the main floor near reception. Our store was actually a decent size and stocked many Disney exclusive items from pin badges to pandora charms.

hotel hallway

The last thing to mention is the hallways. Now the theming in these hallways was AMAZING. As you can see, the carpets gave the illusion that they were rugs. It was that realistic I had to check and touch the carpet just in case. I also love the striped wallpaper with the navy blue wall underneath.

Overall, our stay at Hotel Newport Bay was outstanding. I would 100% recommend staying there and cannot wait to return to Disneyland Paris.


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Brooke x

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  1. Oh wow it looks amazing! I’ve only ever stayed at Cheyenne and Santa Fe although my brother and his gf stayed at Sequoia lodge last time we went and we went in for a nosey and that is lovely!

    1. Thank you for reading!☺️ It is an amazing hotel I would definitely recommend although I do love Santa Fe x

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