How to have a holiday for under £20!


Now we all know how expensive it can be to go on holiday! Especially when you’re a university student you don’t kind of have that money. But, I’ve got a holiday that costs under £20 and it’s still filled with fun and memories. Now the most expensive part of holidays is the travel cost and accommodation. Here are the steps I took to create my budget holiday by having a staycation.


Accommodation & Travel

We choose to camp as this is the cheapest option of accommodation. Lucky for us both of our parents own tent so we could borrow one which cost nothing. Now to camp at a campsite can add up so we decided to be cheeky and ask my boyfriends parents if we could camp in their back garden. This was free so up to this point we hadn’t spent anything. We borrowed, an air mattress from my parents and a sleeping bag. Of course, there was no travel costs except petrol from our flat to my boyfriends parents, which was very little cost.





Now, of course you have to eat on holiday so we decided to do a small shop at our local Tesco. This can be a little pricey so we stuck to own brands such as Tesco value. Our shopping total came to £5. We bought some sausages to barbecue one night and to have another morning for breakfast we also bought, pasta and bread. My boyfriends parents were very good at supplying some extra treats here and there, such as hot chocolates and chocolate biscuits.



When camping you have the whole day free so of course I had to pass the time. I brought a book with me to read and we also planned to go on some local walks. We went on a walk around a local reservoir which was lovely. Another good idea is to find local food places. We visited a local ice cream parlour and shared a waffle with ice cream to save some money. This cost us £5 and it tasted delicious!



Unfortunately, the weather isn’t something you can guarantee but since we have being having this heat wave during our trip it was amazing!. In the day time we avoided the tent as it turned into a greenhouse but at night it was beautiful to lay and listen to the wildlife. Although, it did get a little nippy at around 1am so I made sure I had extra layers to add on.


Let me know if you’ve ever had a staycation?

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Brooke x


21 thoughts on “How to have a holiday for under £20!

  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, sometimes a staycation like this can be as good as a big fancy holiday if you spend your time wisely!

    1. Thank you! This is my first staycation and we wanted to change it up instead of staying at our flat we wanted to camp but with the comfort of our own clean loo so Matt’s parents garden seemed to be the best place😂x

  2. This is such a cute idea, my boyfriend has quite a large garden but I’d never actually thought of having a little camping trip in it! I’ll definitely mention it to him next time we get a bit restless at home and I love a little local walk!
    Alice Xx

  3. Oh wow, this sounds and looks like such a lovely little time away! I absolutely love camping but I haven’t been with just my boyfriend yet, I’ll drfinitely have to suggest it to him. I love how affordable you made it all, Tesco can be so great for deals and offers. Those waffles look incredible, I’d demolish them! x

    Alice //

    1. I’m already looking into our next camping trip and maybe pushing the boat out and actually camping at a camp site😂 The waffles were amazing, I may have to go back and have another☺️x

  4. Great post! We love staycations too. You just gave me ideas on camping with our girls. It’s too hot and humid in Florida to go camping now so we will wait a few months, probably in October or November.

    1. It was when we had the heatwave in the U.K. and although it was lovely I think camping when it was cooler it would be more comfortable☺️x

  5. It’s great to have a mini holiday without spending a lot. I definitely say visiting your local area is great! You never know what’s on your doorstep. We actually joked around the other week about camping in our back garden, it would definitely be an experience!

    Gemma |

    1. I definitely recommend we had an amazing time and discovered so many new places and walks from doing it☺️x

  6. This is so cute! I wouldn’t ever think to stay in parents’ back gardens but we have stayed in my boyfriend’s parents camper on their drive before! I’m not a big camping person but if we want to go away, we head to Skegness to stay at my family’s caravan there and we can have a cheap break (apart from the arcades)! Such fun ideas.

    Liz xx

    1. I love going to the seaside too!☺️ I recently went to cleethorpes for the day and we had so much fun but the arcades do get you😂x

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