How to survive after University- Money troubles and debt!

The student loan is gone, dried up like the Sahara desert. In an ideal world, you’d of been super savvy and have money left over to live on for a bit. But, come on you just needed that new pair of shoes. But, don’t panic I’ve got some tips to help you get by. Because, no one wants money troubles!

How to Survive after university- money troubles

Find a Job

The first thing to help put a stop to your money troubles is to find a job. Now, I’m not saying go find your dream job. You just need something to put you by until you a) know what carer you want and b) manage to secure a job in that carer path. Start off by making a list of the type of job you might want, do you fancy retail, food, hospitality or sports (they are plenty more sectors). Say you fancy retail start local, look on your local shopping centres website for jobs. Search the companies that are located their and see if they have any jobs available. Most companies now only take CV’s through online application so, I would recommend searching the internet instead of visiting shops.

One you’ve found your area of interest apply for as many jobs as you can. Now, you can’t be picky! See this as a temporary stepping stone until you know what you would like to do next. You may fall in love with working in retail and persue career in it or you might loath it and strive for a different job. At the end of the day this job will provide you with money and you’re going to need it.

Don’t go crazy working every single day of the week. You will burn out and it’s easy at first to think well I need the money but trust me you will loath your job. Start by doing 3-4 shifts a week. Allowing you time off to relax and focus on yourself. Then you can always up your hours if needed.


Most people dislike budgeting but it’s going to be your best friend! This is the key to stopping those money troubles. You’ve got money coming in from your job hopefully but now you need to carefully select what it is spent on. There are key things that you need to make sure you can cover. Do you have a car, bills, obviously food, what about a phone bill? These are all things that need paying and are essential! So, first things first make sure you know you have enough money to cover what I call your essential expenditures. Then what money do you have left? Is there something you are saving up for maybe a holiday or a car. Set a certain amount a month you would like to save for that. You also need a rainy day fund. This is money for days where you might want to go out for a meal or visit the cinema.

Budgeting help for money troubles

I would also recommend having some savings! The amount of times something has gone wrong and I’ve had to rely on my savings is more than I thought! It is always good to have some money in case of emergencies.

Be Frivalous

Now, I’m not saying only eat beans and bread for the rest of your life. But, identify areas where you can save money. I know for me and my boyfriend it was our food shop. We could easily spend £50 for the both of us for a week. But, that is money we could save and use elsewhere. So, here are some top tips:

  • Don’t go food shopping hungry! Everything will appeal to you, I mean everything and you will buy way too much!
  • Write a list. I love a good list and if you have one you have to stick to it. This way there is no “accidental” purchases like that Aldi special buy you didn’t know you needed but you thought it looked good.
  • Choose the right supermarket for you. I know everyone has their favourite so I’m not going to tell you where to go but I prefer Aldi but I do also shop at Asda and Poundland for some branded items.
Food shopping list

I would also recommend keeping track for a month of your purchases, what you bought and how much it came to. This will highlight any surprises. I found when doing this I was spending way too much money on clothes and that I could save a lot of money by avoiding the clothes shops.

Change your perspective on things

For me, I thought to have a good time I had to be out spending money or doing something. But in reality, I can have just as much fun at home watching a movie or going for a walk. There are so many things to do that are free or cost very little. Make the most of these because the last thing you want to feel is trapped and bored. Because, you always end up feeling sorry for yourself and end up spending money to pick yourself up!

Look for coach trips. Coach trips are your best friend when you have no money. I’ve been to Amsterdam for £100 on a coach trip! Have a look on National Holidays and other local coach companies for trips/days out.

I hope these tips and tricks help you to solve your money troubles after university! If you’d like to read more on univeristy then click here for Life After Univeristy– HELP I don’t know what to do with my life!


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  1. It can definitely be hard adjusting after university but I think these are all great tips, also selling anything you no longer need like textbooks etc. can give you a little bit of a cash boost

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