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Indigo Rosee Beauty Launch – Product Preview

I’m so excited to share with you the launch of Indigo Rosee Beauty! The brand itself is run by Tori one of my closest blogging buddies and she has just launched 3 lash styles. Tori has designed and named all of these lashes herself. I’m so proud and super excited of what is to come for Tori and her business as these lashes as gorgeous.


The first lashes in the Indigo Rosee beauty launch is Vonnie. Now, I tried not to be bias but these are my favourite lashes out of the three. I just love how Wispy and natural these lashes look! The lashes are a combination of fans and classic lashes to create the wispy look. I just think these will look perfect during the day or at night and are going to become my go to! Also, a little fun fact is that these lashes are named after Tori’s nan which melts my heart! I love the meaning behind these lashes and the sentimental feeling they have. Each lash set has been carefully designed, made and you can see the passion behind them.


Now, wow Sugar is beautiful. I love the fact that there are less fans but each fan is a V shape adding length rather than volume to the lashes. I think these are so natural and stunning and a perfect lash set for beginners to dabble in lashes. Once again, I love the name of these lashes and the fact that it is acknowledging Tori’s imaginary business name when she was a young child.


When I saw the name of these lashes my inner fan girl was screaming as I immediately connected it to Demi Lovato’s Confident. A song which has become my anthem for them days when I need picking up & reminding I am a girl boss. These lashes scream volume and confidence like they say. They range in lengths to create this cat eye feel. I feel like as soon as you put these lashes on you will feel more confident!


So, it’s all good and well talking about the product but the price is just as important. These lashes are super affordable at £6 each or all three lashes for £15. I honestly think this is an amazing deal for the quality of the lashes and would highly recommend them.

Not only, is the quality of the lashes outstanding but Tori’s attention to detail in the packaging is another level. The lashes come in their own box with the brand IR details on, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a sticker. If you would like to check out Indigo Rosee’s Website then please click HERE and support Tori!

Launch Event

Of course, I wanted to talk about the fabulous lashes first but I also wanted to briefly mention the launch party. Tori kindly invited me and a friend to York for a cocktail masterclass. I was so excited to meet Tori in person after speaking to her online for so long.

The launch itself was held at Jalou in York city centre which is a grade 2 listed church that they have converted into a beautiful cocktail bar. Not only was the building stunning but the staff were so friendly and attentive. We had our own private booth and spent the evening learning how to make our favourite cocktails with Emily. I choose a Porn Star Martini and a Marshmallow Martini. Let’s just say you won’t find me behind the bar anytime soon. But, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and did something I have never done before.

Indigo Rosee cocktail

Thank You Indigo Rosee!

Of course, I need to say a massive thank you to Tori for inviting me to the launch event + being so generous and giving me the 3 lashes to try! It was amazing to finally meet you even though I feel like I already have met you! I wish Tori all the best of luck with Indigo Rosee Beauty! Also, thank you to Louise for being my partner in crime + laughing at me whilst I failed making my cocktails.


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