Is Autumn my favourite season?

The weather is colder, the heating gets turned on, out come the scarves, the trees loose their leaves. What’s not to love about autumn? The weather isn’t as horrendous as winter, it’s a little dreary and rainy but there is them beautiful days which are cold but the sun is still out.

One of my favourite parts of autumn is when the leaves turn orange, brown, dark green. There’s something about the leaves changing colour that excites me. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re closer to Christmas? Maybe, it’s the leaves make a brilliant Instagram background? I’m not sure why the leaves changing excites me so much.

I love the fact that I have an excuse to start layering up! I love wearing scarves and bobble hats and this season welcomes the acceptance of being able to walk down the street in a scarf and hat. There’s something so reassuring about wearing a scarf and hat it makes me feel extra protected for some reason. Which seems silly, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way?

In the past month, I’ve been on a hot chocolate craze. I’ve been having one at least every two days if not everyday. It just seems acceptable, like no one will judge me because it’s October. A nice warm drink to warm you up on a dreary day is just the best.

Personally, I think autumn along with spring is one of the most photogenic seasons. I love going out and just taking pictures of trees, leaves, my outfits, my hot drinks. I think autumn is just easy to take pictures as there’s so many beautiful things to capture. Also, I love seeing everyone’s pictures on Instagram of autumn, there outfits, the obligatory photo of your legs down on the autumn leaves.
I’d love to hear if autumn is your favourite season and if not what season is?

Brooke x

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