January blues-How to beat it & my 3 top tips!

January blues, the two most dreaded words at the start of the year!

January normally goes two ways…

New Year, New me or the January blues set in!

Christmas is over, you’ve built up for it for 364 days but what do you do now? It’s back to reality, work, life. The festivities are over, the decorations are gone. That Christmas spirit in everyone around you has diminished, everyone seems grumpy. Each day starts off with struggling to wake up, dreary weather and wanting to crawl back into bed. You see January as your arch nemesis it’s the month where you are meant to create resolutions to stick by for the rest of the year. But, in reality you want to crawl back into bed, watch Christmas films with your house fully decked in Christmas decorations and eat until you can’t eat anymore pigs in blankets! You wish, January hadn’t arrived and although you don’t like to face it you must! But, January doesn’t have to continue like this. You shouldn’t feel bad that you wish January hadn’t come and you wished life had skipped to summer! I have 3 things to help you beat those January blues!


If you’re like me and you’re lucky enough to have some days off, no real urgency to get up then schedule your day! Now I know you’re probably thinking but I wanted the day off? Well, you still can but set a certain time you’re going to wake up and what tasks you’re going to do that day. Even if you want to have a relaxing day, still think about whether you want to watch a film, have a pamper session or cook a home cooked meal! This way you won’t spend the majority of the day in bed and you will feel as if you’ve achieved something as you have completed the tasks you set for yourself.

January blues

Now, you don’t have to take it to this extreme but I find having a schedule/ to do list for the day helps me. I love writing lists and there is just something about ticking most things off my to do list that feels so uplifting. So, each evening I write a list for the next day of everything I want to achieve. Even things that may seem silly like watching a film or taking the bins out. Partly, I write everything down I need to do as my memory is rubbish and I know I’ll forget to do something. But at the end of the day, being able to look at a list that has the majority of things crossed off is such a good feeling. Even if the things crossed off are shower, brush teeth or watch a film. You still feel as if you have achieved something that day!

Keep Active

Most people start off the New Year saying they want to exercise more. But, this is probably one of the largest failed resolutions. Simply due to the high expectations people place on themselves. Most people view exercising more as needing to go to the gym and workout. Or think they need to run on a treadmill until they are red, very sweaty and feel like they’re going to pass out (sound familiar?).

But, there are other more achievable ways to exercise. Such as, a simple stroll around your town centre or a walk around your housing estate. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy but a simple walk can help you beat those January blues. If you have a dog set yourself the challenge of taking them on a daily walk for 30 minutes that way your dog is getting the exercise they need and you’re getting some fresh air and exercise too! Many gyms have offers during January to entice customers and some have a large selection of exercise classes such as Pilates and Zumba. So, there is some sort of exercise out there for everyone! It’s just the matter of finding what exercise is best for you. So, if you’re like me and find the gym super boring then maybe setting yourself a daily walk whether that’s around your local town, park or if you’re like me the shopping centre as you’re killing twi birds with one stone, exercising and shopping!


My parents always used to tell me you are what you eat and I always thought they were crazy! I’m never going to change into a chicken nugget? But now, I understand what they mean. If you’re fuelling your body with fatty foods then it will affect you from low energy to feeling sluggish. If you fuel your body with the right foods then you will feel more energetic and ready to do stuff.

You don’t need to go crazy dieting and living off only salads. A balanced diet of fruit and veg and maybe the odd treat here and there too! All these foods provide us with the vitamins and nutrients we need to strive! Plus I don’t know about you but I always feel better when I’ve eaten well psychologically. It’s as if I know that I’ve eaten well and for doing so I think I feel better immediately after eating a piece of fruit!


The January blues is a real thing and if you are really struggling then please go and see your doctor or seek advice on seasonal affective disorder. You can read more about this disorder HERE. Most people are affected by it but in varying levels and cope with it differently. I hope you find these tips helpful in beating the January blues to some extent!

Don’t be hard on yourself that everyone else is setting New Years resolutions and sticking to them. In reality they are probably feeling similar and struggling to keep up with them longer term. Focus on yourself, your health and feeling positive during January. It no longer has to be the month that everyone dreads, embrace it, see it as a new challenge! The festivities may be over but you’re ready to get on with life and kick some ass!


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