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Mid January Update- highs, lows & my goals!

Seen as though we are now officially over the half way mark for January I thought I’d round up what January has been like and give you a little January update. Now, I wish it was all January has been amazing so far, I’ve done so much and kept to my goals. But, life doesn’t always go how you want.

January Update


Up until the past year I’ve always been a healthy weight. However, since my anxiety has got worse this past year my love for food has too. I’ve always loved food especially cake! But, the past year it has become a way of coping with stress and my anxiety. The end result is a very rapid weight gain. Now, I’m all for being healthy and in no way saying the weight I am is bad. I’m simply saying I need to make some lifestyle choice because the food I eat regularly isn’t good. I’ve food myself having Mc Donald’s but not just one every so often it has become a regular thing which isn’t good.

So, I’ve kind of owned up to my eating I guess you could say. I’m making better choices for ME. I’m trying to incorporate more fruit and veg into my diet. As well as limiting the amount of chocolate, cake and obviously takeaways I have. I’m finding by limiting and not completely removing certain foods helps so much. In my kitchen cupboards I do have skittles, chocolate, biscuits. But I also have healthier options such as fruit. Instead of removing these items I’m simply limiting them or replacing them with something better for me. I’m hoping that this small lifestyle change will be positive and at the end of the month I will be able to update you on how successful it has been.

The month

Well, January itself has been a roller coaster but I wouldn’t expect anything else. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy month as I struggle with my anxiety when I’m not in a routine and I have an extended break over Christmas. However, I do return to uni next week which I’m excited for as it does motivate me a lot more. But, I’m also a little apprehensive of how my anxiety will be.

I’ve found it hard in January to be motivated and even the simplest of tasks such as showering has become a chore. Some days can be like this for me and it a part of my mental health but I’m trying to challenge it. I’m dedicating an hour every Sunday to have a little paper session in order to make sure I feel looked after.

January Update- Uploading

Now, I was a little skeptical when I set my schedule for uploading on my blog and YouTube for the new year. Committing to 3 uploads a week on both channels is a lot and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. Saying that I’ve really loved uploading more! I’ve even found it motivating and haven’t missed an upload yet. I’m putting 100% into every post and video from the content to the pictures and thumbnails. Hopefully, this can continue when I go back to uni. That will be the challenge!

January Update- My loves

I’ve never been one to be super interested in cleaning. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind it but I’ve never looked forward to it. Or seen it as something fun. But, just before Christmas I started to find cleaning therapeutic. It’s now become something I like to do on a daily basis. I have a little daily routine, nothing crazy! I just like to wipe my sides down and the sink so its clean. One word Zoflora! I love Zoflora, I have four different scents and use it for everything! I love cleaning the bin with it to neutralise any odours, mopping the floor with it or even putting a cap full in the sinks with some water to make the kitchen and bathroom smell amazing.

Also, I feel like tv has just got so good too! Monday and Tuesday nights are Silent Witness, Thursday is Death in Paradise and then on Sundays is Call the Midwife. There is always something to watch or catch up on! I love taking the hour or so when these programmes are on to sit and watch them. No distractions, I put my phone at the other side of the room on silent and just solely watch the programme and enjoy it. I can’t recommend enough spending an hour or so a night away from your phone or laptop and having that time to yourself to watch something. I find it calms my mind and gives me time of whatever I’m stressing about because I always have something on my mind that I’m either worried or stressed about.

January Update- Exercise

I still don’t love exercise probably never will. But, I have found that I like to go on a walk more than going to the gym. So, when we visited home we went to a local park, like a big park not your little park with children’s slides and stuff. We took my families dogs and went for a walk. I loved it and it was so good just to get some fresh air and be out. I also love when I’m in Sheffield just to go for a walk around the city centre I try to do a big loop around it and not take any short cuts! Me and the gym still aren’t getting on 100% I’ve only been once so far in January but I’m going to try and go at least once a week to give me something to focus on and release some steam.

January Update- What I’d like to achieve…

Seen as though I’ve got just under half of the month left I wanted to set myself some goals for the rest of January:-

  • Go to the gym at least once a week
  • Read for 30 minutes every day
  • Keep on top of my uni work
  • Try to keep up with self-care
  • Make better food choices

Hopefully I can achieve all of my goals so stick around for a complete January update towards the end of the month! If you can’t wait that long then follow my Instagram where I post daily updates.


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