Kiko Makeup Haul- Mega savings

It’s officially 10 days until Christmas! So, to break up the Christmas posts I thought I’d share a little makeup haul. My local Kiko store recently closed down so they had a 70% off sale which I of course, took advantage of! £40 worth of makeup later and over £120 in savings I was one happy girl with a bag full of new makeup to try. It’s been over a month now since I bought the Kiko makeup so, I’ve had time to try every product out to give you a full, honest review of them.


I picked this foundation up on a bit of a whim. Normally I would reach for  a full coverage foundation but my friends had recommended trying a lighter foundation as I’ve always suffered from acne and this was sometimes affected by foundation. I also guessed the shade as well. Not only did I get the shade spot on but I am obsessed with this foundation! I’m 100% converted to light coverage foundation that literally adds nothing other than smoothing your skin out! My skin is looking better than ever too and I’ve had so many compliments on how good my skin is looking. 

Kiko Foundation

I cannot recommend this foundation enough honestly it is amazing even if you love a full coverage foundation this is perfect for them lighter makeup days. (Kiko Liquid Skin Second Skin Foundation )

Eye Primer

I’ve never been an eye primer kind of gal but I thought I’d give it a whirl and see if it made a difference. I’m kind of surprised, when I’m going to apply eyeshadow I use this first and it actually helps create a smooth base. It’s not something that I would use every day but on the occasions I do use eyeshadows it is something I would reach for. 

Kiko Eye Primer

Would I repurchase this product probably not as it isn’t amazing but it does make a difference when applying eyeshadow. 

Contour Kit

I love contour products and when I saw this little kit I knew I had to get it. Not only are they handy to have when travelling as you have a contour/bronzer and a powder. But the mirror means I’m not going to forget one! The shade is perfect for my light complexion and doesn’t look muddy on my face. ( Kiko smart contouring palette

Kiko Contour Kit


I love this baked bronzer! It makes me look sunkissed and slowly as if I’ve been on holiday somewhere warm and sunny. Once again, it complements on my skin perfect and looks natural. I love the flex of shimmer in this product as it highlights the face perfect. 

Kiko Bronzer


Stop what you are doing! You need this product! I am obsessed with this contour product it is my go to on every day and I’ve told everyone and anyone about this product! (Kiko Contour Powder )

Kiko Contour


I’m not overly obsessed with this blush. It’s okay don’t get me wrong it does its purpose but I’m not overwhelmed by it. It’s nice but I find that when applying it due to the three shades it applies patchy for me. (Kiko Blush)

Kiko Blush

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