Life after university- HELP I don’t know what to do with my life!

University is over. Completed. Almost graduation (my graduation date isn’t till November). But, I’m done. University (Massive Tick). Of course, I’ve posted all over social media how I have finished. I haven’t gone through three years of hell for not acknowledging it’s over right? Whooo, time to celebrate the three years from hell is over. But, it’s that question everyone asks, “What are you doing with your life after university?” that’s bothering me!

But, what am I doing next? The past three years have been spent crying over my dissertation, writing my dissertation and watching tv when I should have been doing my dissertation. Now, that’s all over. I don’t have to look at my dissertation ever again. I never have to walk into university again. But now, I’ve been thrown into the “real-world” or as some people say the “adult world”. Because clearly, I wasn’t an adult before Margaret whilst at uni?! Come talk to me about uni Margaret if you actually went, oh you didn’t so how on earth do you know how the past three years have been? Anyway rant over, now I need to decide what I’m doing with my life after university…

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The first free day after uni. The begining of your life after university. The best feeling in the world knowing you don’t have to stress about that looming deadline that you dread you won’t meet. Want to sleep till lunch? No problem. Want to spend all night catching up on Love Island, you go for it. But, surely you can’t spend the rest of your life like this. That’s when the panic sets in.

Throughout your life you’ve had to attend school, sixth-form, college and then you had your first proper decision whether to get an apprenticeship, job or go to uni. If you chose uni like me, that’s another 3-4 years in education. But then what? I always said well you just get a job thinking in my little head I’d walk out of uni and I’d have jobs thrown at me. Naive me!

Where do you start?! Where do you look for a job? What job do I even want? These were all questions on a loop in my head for a long time.

The irrational side

Next, comes the irrational side. For my life after university, I’ll be a billionaire, I’ll win the lottery I don’t need to worry about getting a job. Yeah, course you will. I mean if you did win the lottery then go you! But, the chances are VERY slim.

Have you started to forget what day of the week it is or the last time you showered? This isn’t a good sign! Next, you’ll be convincing yourself you can stay home all day and somehow survive with no income.


You have got to put your big boy or girl pants on. Yes, pop them on right now! Pull them all the way up! Ready? First, write a list I live for lists! Do a brain dump of all the possible jobs you are interested in. Why not try my to do list template to help you or pin it on Pinterest to use later!

Now, research into each job and what that job requires. Do you fit the requirements for the job firstly, or do you need some more work. If you need more work you need to look down the line of volunteering and can start by contacting companies.

Now, you know what jobs you like and what is required it’s time to get job searching. The easiest way to start is by typing the job title into Google and the area where you live. You can also use job searching engines such as Indeed, Reed, Total Jobs and many more.

Get Organised

Now, you have a database of jobs you would like to apply for you need to get yourself organised and sort out your CV and cover letter. Make sure it will stand out. But, not because you’ve written it in hot pink font! I mean pop on any relevant experince you have to the job that will make YOU stand out from the other applicants.

Apply, Apply, Apply

Don’t feel like you’ve applied for too many jobs. Sometimes, the more jobs you apply for the better. As, a lot of jobs you will apply for you will be against people who have been woking in that sector for a long time so it will be tough. The probability is you won’t get the first job you apply for. But, DON’T be hard on yourself. It is easy to blame yourself for not getting a job and we all question ourselves as to why…

if only I hadn’t said that or maybe I should of wore something else

But, if you did your best and you know you was true to who you are, then that is all you can do! As hard as it is, you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going.

So, good luck! And don’t forget you are a pretty amazing person! Life after university isn’t that scary just believe in yourself.

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