Life is like a balloon || Blogtober Day Five

Yep you read that right life is like a balloon, if you never let yourself go, you’ll never no how far you can rise! Get your head around that now. This summer has been full of important decision making but most importantly reflection. I’m coming to my last year of uni and have to make a huge decision about my future. After many tears enough to probably fill a lake I’ve finally realised what I want to do for the meantime. And I guess that bring me to here, now.



I guess this quote is right and something I’ve realised over this summer is that holding myself back is never going to help me. I’m throwing myself into my blogging and YouTube. Yes that’s right your girl is back on her YouTube game! So, watch this space for more videos. I’ve just finished my first blogging event that I’ve attended on my own that I was invited to. I’ve only ever been a plus one before. This was a massive thing for me and I’m so glad I attended I met some lovely bloggers from my local area and got to try out some new products. Which I will be talking all about in an upcoming blog post so keep your eyes peeled for that.


My Love

So, I’ve finally realised my love for blogging, social media and photography. Now, I’ve admitted this to myself and my family I’m challenging myself to document my everyday life. The perfectionist I am I always like to take photos on my DSLR camera and perfectly position everything. But, I’m trying now to snap in the moment things on my phone and so far I’m loving it. Last week whilst out I got carried away snapping away some plants which is one of my favourite things to photograph.



The Future

I guess that leads me to the future. I have so many things planned from Blogtober to Blogmas as well as weekly uploads on my YouTube. To everyone who takes time to read my posts, interact on social media or watch my youtube videos thank you! Now, lets release that balloon and see where it rises too!


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