Lush Christmas || Blogtober Day Twenty Two

So, I may be a little premature seen as though it hasn’t even been Halloween. But, Lush Christmas products are here! Of course I couldn’t help myself and had to have a nosy. Because is it Christmas if you don’t have a lush product?


Lush Christmas: Snow Fairy

Lush Christmas

This one is a classic! I adore snow fairy the sweet smell is insane and this year you can even get Snow Fairy in the naked form. I love this idea personally and did buy one to try. All you have to do is rub it in-between your hands for the product to begin to go foamy and there you go you have a shower gel! I’ve found it lasts so much longer than the bottled shower gel as you don’t over use the product.


Lush Christmas: Bath Bombs

Lush Christmas Bath Bombs

There are so many new bath bombs to chose from this year. I always love to get a bath bomb every year at Christmas time as I don’t have a bath at my student accommodation so when I come home every year it’s a little treat for me to have a lush bath bomb on Christmas Eve. I love Butter Bear bath bomb it’s so good on sensitive skin and it’s still a reasonable price at £2.75 as I’ve found a lot of Lush prices have increased recently.


Lush Christmas: Bubble Bars

Lush Christmas Bubble Bars

I love a good old bubble bar! There is nothing better than a bubbly bath in my opinion. However my favourite, candy mountain seems to have changed design I believe. I love this one because it smells so delicious and sweet. It literally screams Christmas to me! I don’t think the prices are too bad either, as I usually get 2-3 baths out of these products too.


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