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Wow it feels like forever since I dit a Lush Haul! This is my first haul on my blog but I have done a few in the past on my YouTube. Now, I love Lush  through the years I have tried loads of their products but recently I haven’t purchased as much as I moved to university and sad goodbye to my beloved bath and hello to Showers. But, little did I know Lush now have shower products so here marks the start of many more Lush hauls to come.


Packaging Lush

So, the first surprise of this trip was the lack of paper bags. The last time I visited lush you picked your bath bombs, oils or other loose products and placed them in a paper bag. No, now they have they recyclable paper egg carton style holder. Now, you can either use these to place your products in whilst in store or you can pay a small price 50-70p to keep them and take your products home in. I paid to keep them as I thought it was a perfect place to hold my products!

Bath Oils

Bath Oils

I don’t think I’ve ever tried Lush’s Bath Oils before so when I saw these I knew I had to try them. Now, you’re probably confused as I’ve just previously said I don’t have a bath. Well, we are dog sitting for over a week so I will temporarily have a bath. Of course, I had to smell every single bath oil they had to distinguish which ones I liked. I did end up choosing four, two for myself and two for a friend. These products you just pop into your bath and they melt leaving a beautiful smelling bath, sometimes a different colour and target your skin by helping to soften it.


My first choice was MMMELTING MARSHMALLOW MOMENT now this one smells divine! I love all sweet smells and this one reminds me of their Christmas limited edition Candy Mountain. I popped this into my bath and oh my I did not want to get out. My bath smelt of candy but not an overpowering that beautiful sweet smell that makes your mouth water. Also, that scent did not disappear! my skin smelt of this scent for the following day which I adored.

Floating Island

Now, you probably know by now I have quite a sweet tooth. So what a surprise my second choice is another sweet scented bath oil. I was drawn to Floating Island as it smells of vanilla and almond to me. This product is perfect for indulging your skin as it contains shea butter which is amazing at hydrating the skin.


Of course, I picked another sweet scent but in my defence this one is fruity! If that makes it any better? Now I picked this scent for my best friend Louise as it reminded me of her. It is a super bright scent if scents can be bright (I’m not the best at describing scents). Now, I know she loved the smell of this product and it is definitely one I’d recommend using in the morning as to me it is an energising scent.


I’m not going to lie, the design caught my attention of this bath oil first. It’s heart shaped with mini hearts on it as well, like can it get any cuter? This bath oil is amazing at soften and hydrating the skin as it contains not only cocoa butter but shea butter too. It also contains Brazilian Orange oil which makes it smell divine.

Bath Bombs

Now for me, Bath bombs are Lush’s original product that I loved and still do. Of course, I choose a OG product but I did get a few products to try that I haven’t before.


Now, Butterball may not be the most photogenic of the bath bomb family but it is one of my OG favourites. It is literally a simple white sweet smelling bath bomb. As you can see it does have speckles inside which is the cocoa butter pieces which melt when placed into the bath. This helps to hydrate and moisturise the skin. It also contains Ylang Ylang which is used in aromatherapy to treat stress and depression. I find this the best simplistic bath bomb to relax me and love to use it on an evening before bed to calm me down.

Bubble Bars

Creamy Candy

Is it really bath if there isn’t bubbles? I love a good bubble bath but a bubble bath that not only has lots of bubbles but smells insane is just up my street. Is there any point me pointing out this is another sweet scent? The name says it all creamy candy. It smells of candy! I find I can get between 2-4 baths from this. By either splitting the product into half or quarters as it creates more than enough bubbles and the product lasts for longer which equals more bubble baths. I find the best way to disperse this product is to crumble it under the tap whilst my bath is running.

What is your favourite Lush Product?

Brooke x

26 thoughts on “Lush Haul || Summer 2018

  1. I love lush! They have some of the best bath and shower products ever! The melting marshmallow one looks amazing and sounds like it would smell just as great too l, I haven’t used the butterball in ages will need to pick myself up one! Great post x

  2. I always love the look of Lush products but I’m more a shower person than a bath so I don’t think I’d get much use out of them! That marshmallow one sounds heavenly though!

    Jess //

    1. I only have a shower at my flat but Lush sell some amazing shower products such as shower jellies and online even sell shower bombs like their bath bombs but for the shower☺️x

  3. I’ve shopped at Lush a couple of times, and I have a moisturizer from there, but I really want to try one of their better known products like the bath bombs and bubble bars!! They’re so cute and I’ve only ever heard good things about them… Lush is a lil bit pricey though haha! I definitely want to give the butterball bath bomb a try now 🙂

    Awesome post!!

    1. If you do try any of the bubble bars you can get 3-4 uses out of them and they still make plenty of bubbles! Little hack that I’ve learnt that makes the product last longer for its price☺️x

  4. I haven’t been into Lush in ages but butterball is definitely one of my favourites, these other ones look so good though! Definitely need to go have a look soon, see what new stuff they have, great post! x

  5. Love that you treated yourself with a bunch of Lush products! It’s great that Lush stepped up their game and gave you a recyclable egg carton – no need for the products to bounce around and all. It’s great that you loved all of the products you’ve purchased. It’s always nice to smell the scent of a product – even hours later. I haven’t shopped at Lush for a long time but I always loved their bath bombs! The more shimmery, the better!

    Nancy ♥

    1. I agree with shimmery their Christmas range is my favourite although I don’t think the bath appreciates the left over glitter after😂x

    1. I haven’t used the shampoo and conditioner bars yet but did have a look at them the other day in Lush and have added them to my list of products next to try!☺️

  6. I haven’t done a Lush haul in so long since mine has been closed for renovations for a while, but now I’m craving some new Lush products! Hopefully it’s open now and I can go in and pick up some of these products 😍 Butterball is such an amazing classic, I love that one!

    Beka |

  7. I LOVE Lush. They have such good products, I haven’t tried many of their bath bombs but I tend to try their skincare range instead. If only they were more affordable, I’d buy them more often.

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