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The first month of 2019 is over, done, completed! Now, part of me wants to congratulate you and myself of course for surviving the first month but the other part of me thinks sh*t where did January go, am I right?! There is only 11 months left now to smash 2019 and make it YOUR year! So, I’ve got some tips, tricks and random sh*t, sorry I couldn’t help myself it just rhymed to help you make 2019 YOUR year! You’re probably thinking yeah right Brooke but trust me I mean trust me, none of this half hearted trusting me kind of stuff! I need you fully on board because I’m ready to help YOU have the best year!

YOUR year

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Now, I’m not one for new year resolutions. I find them mostly unrealistic and place way too much pressure on oneself! Instead, I like to focus on goals, whether that is small achievable goals or crazy, far out. I’m going to help you get there.

First, you need to write down your goals. Them big crazy goals, break them up into smaller parts. For example, say you want to grow your blog following. Break that down into smaller goals such as, 2 blog posts a week, engage in more twitter blog chats etc. This way you’re making that crazy goal more attainable and manageable. I know sometimes that seems like a hell of a lot of work. But in the long run that will all add to your one big goal!


I know this word can cause heart palpitations for some people. So, if that’s you don’t worry I’m going to make this word one not to be feared! Organisation is key. Now, I’m not saying you need to be organised so that every minute of your life is planned down to when you go to the loo. I’m simply saying a basic level of organisation will really help.

For me, I like to have an upload schedule for blog posts so that I have a date every week to work to.You can apply this tip to anything, uni work, life in general, even your food shopping! By being organised and having a plan or schedule helps to maintain that goal.


If you’re thinking what is PMA Brooke. Don’t worry! I always used to think it meant something to do with period pains! It doesn’t fyi! PMA= Positive Mental Attitude. Now, I’m a big believer in taking a positive attitude to life no matter what. 2019 will be unpredictable, you can’t predict every single thing that will happen and I’m sure along the duration of the year a few unexpected negative things may happen. But, it is how you deal with this that will affect your year.

For example, one of my goals was to upload 3 blog posts a week but due to going back to uni I missed a weeks worth of uploads. I felt like I had failed, I honestly wanted to throw the towel in or just upload a random post that had quickly been put together so I didn’t feel as bad. But, instead of focusing on the negative, the fact I had missed 3 uploads I turned it into a positive, a learning curve. I now know that I need to more organised and have my posts ready for at least the next two weeks at a time in order to manage uploading alongside university.

Now, PMA doesn’t just have to relate to blogging it can be in general life too. Most people don’t like the rain, I myself aren’t a massive fan. As when it’s raining it is usually pretty cold too and I really dislike being cold. But, although it’s raining and it’s kind of ruined your plan for the day you could instead do something else. Such as a duvet day instead of being miserable!


I am guilty of putting way too much pressure on myself and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone at doing this too?! If you’re putting too much pressure on yourself there is no way you’re going to achieve them goals or be organised. Instead you’re probably going to crumble under the pressure. A little bit of pressure doesn’t do any harm instead most people strive under a bit of pressure. Just make sure you have a good balance!

One way in balancing pressure is try not to create unrealistic goals because this will lead to you putting too much pressure on yourself. For example, if I was to aim to upload 5 blog posts a week I know I would be putting a lot of pressure on myself and within a week or two I would crumble because it isn’t attainable for me. Then I have to deal with the repercussions which will definitely have a massive negative affect on my year.

Do it!

So, if you’ve got to this point and think yeah I can do that, why aren’t you?! The biggest problem in life is just doing it! You probably have a list of goals but have you actively tried to achieve them? If your answer is no then stop reading and start doing!

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