My Christmas Tree 2017🎄

This year is mine and Matts first year putting up and decorating our own Christmas tree. We opted for a fake tree as they don’t require cleaning up pine needles and are a cheaper option. We have collected quite a few unique baubles and baubles we’ve been gifted.

This is the first bauble I bought and I love it. It’s a felt Christmas tree with Pom Pom baubles from Tesco. It was around £3 and adds the perfect amount of colour to our tree.

What is a Christmas tree if it doesn’t have a touch of Disney, is it really my Christmas tree?! My auntie and cousins bought me this gorgeous bauble for my birthday. I’m obsessed with Belle as Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film. Just to top it off her dress is pink which is one of my favourite colours too.

This bauble is just so cute! It’s a wooden reindeer with rose gold touches on the nose and ears. Me and Matt picked this up whilst on our forest holiday retreat. I think this bauble will always remind me of our lovely holiday.

Matts mum picked us up these personalised baubles which I adore. As you can guess, finding anything with my name on is a struggle. So, these baubles are amazing as I’ve always wanted items with my name on.

My last bauble is actually a handmade one that I made at a craft club. It’s made of dried orange slices, a cinnamon stick, Star Anise and twine.

Finally, topping the tree this year is this personalised angel with my name on. Which my mum bought me last Christmas. Of course I’m extra and have my own angel with my name on top of my tree.

What baubles are on your tree?

Brooke x

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