My December Goals 2017


Well hello there December, you sneaky little devil! It feels like it was only just summer and now the count down to Christmas is on only 25 sleeps to go (gasps). As I sat planning out December it crossed my mind, why not share with you all my goals for December because they are pretty ambitious.

Goal One

I would like to complete Blogmas this year. Yes I’m aware I’m asking for a lot seen as though I can’t even manage to blog on a weekly basis. But, I more determined than ever to complete my first Blogmas. I’ve spent quite a while planning every post, what I’m writing, what pictures I need to take and most importantly where I will find the time to do this around University and my part time work. Although, the odds are against me, I am more determined than ever to prove myself and others wrong and complete at least 25 continuous days of blogging. (Wish me luck!)

Goal Two 

I would like to make more time for my family and friends. The month of November has been super busy for me with assignment deadlines looming and I haven’t had any spare time to catch up with my friends or see my family as much as I would like. Especially in December as Christmas is coming I love spending time with my family, generally just catching up on what has happened and what everyone is wishing for this Christmas. I also like to go out for a meal with my university friends before we break up for Christmas as I don’t see them for over a month. As well, it’s also a little celebration for handing in our assignments and birthdays (as it’s four of my friends birthdays in December).

Goal Three

I’m that kind of person that put my university and part time work before my own health. I often forget the importance of having some ‘me’ time. I’ve learnt that the hard way in November and it’s highlighted to me that if I don’t put myself and my health first how can I do anything else to my full potential. That being said, I’m looking forward to spending the evenings this December watching Christmas Films, blogging and relaxing.

Goal Four

After having some quality time off blogging and Youtube, I’ve missed interacting with other bloggers and Youtubers. Normally I’m very active over on Twitter and there’s nothing I love more then participating in blogger chats and reading/watching others blogs and videos. I can’t wait to watch everyones Vlogmas videos and read all the blogmas posts. If there is one thing to get you into the Christmas spirit, then reading and watching Christmas related things is definitely up there.

Goal Five

My last goal is a practical one, I am aiming to have all of my Christmas shopping completed by December 15th. Last year I was way more organised but I wasn’t balancing a part time job and blogging on top of university and youtube. However, I’m starting to write my list of what I need to get and what shops I will be visiting in the hope that I can get everything I need. I know on the other hand Matt will probably leave his part of the Christmas shopping until December 23rd like last year.

Please let me know what your December goals are? Also welcome to Blogmas 2017, be ready for a new blog post every evening at 7pm until Christmas Day!

Brooke x

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