My Favourite YouTube Vlogmas Videos

It’s officially one week until Christmas! I am in full panic mode, I have completed all my shopping but I still have that niggling feeling that I’ve missed someone out. I still can’t believe Blogmas is nearly over, I’ve loved writing a post everyday but I do not know how people do this all year round. Any ways, for today’s post I thought I would combine two of my favourite things, Blogging and Vlogging. So here are my favourite Vlogmas videos of 2017.


Zoella- I know there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Zoe this Christmas but I have throughly enjoyed watching her vlogmas vlogs. I have watched nearly everyday (bar a few near my assignment deadlines). As I’ve watched Zoe for quite a few years now, I believe four, I feel like I’ve got to know Zoe. I know, that sounds stupid how can I know her when I’m only seeing a glimpse of her life in her videos. But, Zoe’s life that she does share has become a part of mine in a weird way. I love watching what she’s doing, where she is and especially how she is prepping for Christmas.


Brogan Tate– First of all I love Brogan! If you are not subscribed to her then please go and watch a video and show her some love. Brogan is a lovely, down to earth person who I admire so much. Not only is she extremely hard working but proof that being who you are is the most important thing. I discovered Brogan through a recommendation from my Auntie and cousins and I adore watching her weekly vlogs. I think I love Brogan’s weekly vlogs because it’s just her life, they’re raw, real life videos. Plus she’s a huge disney fan like me so we have that common ground and I live for her Disney Vlogs.

OK Baby

OK Baby- This is an young American family who I adore. I’ve have seen there two young children grow up and I just love watching what they are getting up to. If you want someone to watch that are positive and fun then this is definitely the channel to go to.

Ellie & Jared

Ellie and Jared- These are another American family channel and first of all a massive congrats to them as they have recently announced their pregnancy of their 3rd son. This family have bravely showed their conception struggles and day to day life. I have fallen in love with them all and respect how open they have been throughout their process and struggles of trying for a baby, in that hope that it spreads awareness and helps others. Honestly, wish the best for Ellie, Jared and their two, soon to be three gorgeous boys.

 Miss Beauty Emily

I wanted to give my last spot to someone who isn’t actually completing Vlogmas but is a smaller YouTube channel that deserves more recognition. Miss Beauty Emily– Emily is a a lovely person who I discovered through twitter, I’ve watched her channel grow and I wish her lots of success in the future. Her videos are full of beauty reviews, testing and hauls.

Thank you for all your support during Blogmas so far, I have loved posting everyday and can’t wait to see what will come in the future. What are you favourite YouTube channels during this Vlogmas period?

Brooke x

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