My Race for Life Story

Yesterday, I took part in Race for Life, something I have previously done but this year is different. This year is the first year men can join in too. So, to celebrate I participated alongside Matt’s family and between us there was three generations!

Why I’m taking part

Race for life holds a special place for me as I lost my auntie at 36 to cancer. After seeing the effects cancer had on not only my auntie but my family I decided I needed to take a stance. And that’s lead me here. I am taking part in the hope that one day we can find a cure so that other families don’t have to go through what my family have.

I love taking part in Race for life as the atmosphere is something else! This year is no different, I’m taking part with Generation Team. Basically the whole of my boyfriends family is taking part.

The Outfit

This year I wore a pink race for life t-shirt that I had from a previous year that I had personalised on the back to have my aunties initials and age when she passed away. Although its a little snug in areas if fits and I love it. I also had some pink glitter on which I bought from my work at Naughty Unicorn, which made the whole look for me!

Like any run or fun run trainers are a must! You have to be comfy when walking, running, hopping or however, you chose to complete it! Of course, if you want to go for something more out there then there are plenty of crazy, fun and interesting pink themed outfits you could go for.

There was a range of crazy outfits on the day from flamingos to the Pink Panther! I think my personal favourite had to be two women who had dyed their hair pink, bright pink in honour. Now, that is dedication if you ask me!

But I can’t run!

Well me either! I am not into exercise or physically fit. My stamina is not good! So, I walked this but it’s not a race. If you’re like me and running isn’t your thing then you can hop, skip, jump or simply walk.

My favourite thing is to participate with a group of people then you can all rally around each other. For me, sometimes I need a bit of motivation especially around the middle part of fun runs when your feet start hurting. So, this year I was thrilled to take part with eight other people of all ages and abilities. Those guys kept me going even when I got distracted by some birds and turned around to find myself on my own. Don’t worry two of the group members found me whilst we caught the others up. *Note to self- don’t wander from the pack*

The Day Itself

The rain held off! Also, the sun even made a brief appearance which was an added bonus. I was pretty calm and collected on the day even though I thought I’d be a blubbering mess. It was so enlightening to be a part of something so amazing. Of course, I took part in the warm-up and took it very seriously. I mean when else do you have an excuse as a 21-year-old to dance in broad daylight?

Throughout the race, there were marshalls dotted around to spur you on and their positive words did just that. The terrain was uneven which brought even more fun as we were all waiting for the first casualty of the group to fall over. I’m pretty impressed to say it wasn’t actually me for once! I also started a little challenge whilst participating and tried to get a picture with each marker stating how far we had walked. But, I seem to have fallen asleep halfway through and completely missed the halfway sign.

The best part of the day is seeing the finish line in the distance and running, well I did a strange run as I was losing my trousers with every step and couldn’t deal with the embarrassment of flashing my pants to all the spectators on the finishing line. Crossing the finish line brought along a range of emotions for me. I was relieved I’d completed it as I’m very unfit but then I felt overcome with sadness remembering those we’ve lost that have brought us here today.

Why taking part is so important!

  • Due to funding and taking part in events such as Race for Life over half of people diagnosed with cancer survive
  • Increases money to fund more early diagnosis to prevent cancer from become terminal
  • Provides support to those with cancer and their families

(Information from Cancer Research UK)

Together we will beat cancer!

Cancer Research UK
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