My Top 3 Drugstore Concealers

Trying to find the best concealer for you seems like an impossible task?! But trying to find one from the drugstore seems even harder. If you are like me and want a concealer that’s not only affordable but has good coverage then I have got 3 concealers, I think you may fall in love with. I have tried multiple concealers from the drugstore to find the best ones there is.

My Top 3 Concealers are…..Collection Lasting Perfection

  • Maybelline Eraser Eye
  • Bourjois Radiance Reveal

I’ve found that these three concealers are the best for people who have pale skin, like a medium to full coverage and don’t want to spend loads of money.


The cheapest concealer is the Collection which is a truly well loved concealer within the youtube community. Most beauty bloggers would say Collection is their favourite drugstore concealer. Following that is Bourjois, this was a recent discovery for me. After I heard Zoe Sugg mention it in her videos. It’s still an affordable concealer and comes in beautiful packaging. Lastly, is the Maybelline concealer. This is also a well raved about concealer within the beauty community. However it is on the pricey side in my opinion for the drugstore.

When comparing the three concealers next to each other there is quite a range of colours to say that I picked up the lightest shade up for each concealer. The Collection definitely wins the palest competition and I would highly recommend that people who are pale check this concealer out first. Bourjois follows second, just a little bit darker. Maybelline comes last based on shade range and disappointingly isn’t very pale at all and is too dark under my eyes.

The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is one of my all time favourite drugstore concealers! I swear by the product and cannot highly enough recommend this concealer to people. With it’s low cost and amazing colour range it suits everyone. Collection recently added colour correcting concealers to their range too. This concealer has a creamy consistency and blends out easy underneath the eyes. It is long-lasting if set properly, I like to bake under my eyes with a loose powder to ensure the concealer doesn’t move throughout the day and lasts longer.


The Bourjois Radiance Reveal is a newer addition to my concealer collection. and I have to say I absolutely love it! The coverage of this concealer is lovely it balances out any dark circles under my eyes and makes them appear bright and more glowy. This product is creamy and glides onto your skin when applying. It is easy to blend out and definitely buildable if you would like more coverage.


Many people have heard of this product as it is highly talked about. However, I was disappointed when I purchased the lightest shade to find it is somewhat quite dark. The concealer is in fact darker then my foundation. So underneath my eyes it creates a semi circle of orange. Which isn’t too flattering. I would recommend when purchasing this product you check it out in person. As if you are pale like me this product may be too dark for you. The concealer has a lovely consistency and is definitely a medium, more on the full side cover. The only other issue I have is the applicator. I’ve found the product gathers in it and sits which is quite unhygienic.

Overall, if I had to rate these products I think my number one would be collection just because of the price and the range of shades offered. Closely followed by Bourjois, a brilliant lighter concealer which makes under your eyes look brightened. Sadly, although I love the Maybelline concealer. I wish they would bring out more shades with a lighter option for paler people. As the product is amazing.

If you guys have any favourite drugstore concealers. Let me know as I’d love to try more out?

– Brooke –

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