Netflix Watchlist October || Blogtober Day Nine

Sierra Burges is a loser

Whooooo, week one of Blogtober is complete! I’ve managed to survive a whole week. Also, hello Tuesday. The day most of us dread, we have to return to work or studying. But, don’t worry I’m going to brighten up your day by sharing with you my Netflix watchlist featuring some of the best shows Netflix has to offer right now!


Travels with my Father

Now, when I saw that this was back for another series I couldn’t not wait. This is one of my favourite series of all time. Me and my boyfriend are both in stitches laughing when watching this. Comedian Jack Whitehall embarks on a second journey with his Dad this time around Europe. It is overflowing with comedy, real-life and family.

Travels with My father Netflix

Bad Moms

Everything about this film is just brilliant. I love the fact that these American mums let their hair down. I feel like mums are always held to a high standard and looked down upon for taking time out for themselves to go out but this film shows why it is important. Although, I think if my mum did some of the things the mums in this film did I may be slightly embarrassed.


Friday Night Dinner

You can tell this is a running theme. I’m loving comedic programmes at the minute and me and my boyfriend have started re-watching Friday Night Dinner. I just love this programme, the fact that the two brothers are always bickering and fighting is so relatable and I am in love with Wilson in series two.

Friday Night Dinner



Orange is the New Black

What can I say! I would never like to go to prison but I do like the looks of Litchfield. Although some of the characters in there do scare me. I laughed and I cried watching this. Although, I do have a soft spot for Suzanne otherwise known as crazy eyes. With a whopping six series to watch it will certainly keep you busy and you’re most likely going to end up binge watching it so clear a few days in your schedule for it.


Sierra Burgess is a Loser

I laughed, cried, cried some more and then reflected on life. This Netflix original film gave me all the feels. I love the meaning behind this film and the ways in which it tackles stereotypes we may hold. To anyone out there who feels like they don’t fit the “ideal picture” watch this film because it will challenge the way you not only see yourself but others!

Sierra Burgess is a loser


What have you been watching recently on Netflix? If you fancy reading about my top 5 halloween films on Netflix right now then click HERE.


2 thoughts on “Netflix Watchlist October || Blogtober Day Nine

  1. I’ve just started Dancing Queen, it’s cute! I can’t wait to see Alyssa Edwards live in December. Also, my boyfriend has been hounding me to watch Friday Night Dinner, so I’ll get on that as well!

    Rachel ||

    1. Funny you should say that I actually started watching Dancing Queen the other day and I’m obsessed but still going strong with Friday Night Dinner as well☺️

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