October Goals || Blogtober Day One

October Goals

How is it already October? This year just seems to have flown by. We’ve technically got just under 3 months until Christmas! Let me repeat that 3 months until Christmas!!! Anyway, before I get sidetracked panicking how close Christmas is I thought I’d share my goals for this month.

Goal One

I am participating in my first Blogtober this year! For those who don’t know what Blogtober is, it basically means posting every day in the month of October. Now I love a challenge! Last year I tried Blogmas so this year I thought why not try both Blogtober and Blogmas. The goal is to post every single day for the whole 31 days of October. I’m hoping, that this is one of my goals that I will achieve. So, watch this space everyday at 6pm there will be a new post.

October Goals

Goal Two

Participate in more twitter chats. I find these a great way to interact with other bloggers and make new friends. As I’m back at university time isn’t on my hands so twitter chats are the best way for me to interact. Some of my favourite chats are the Influencer RT chat on Wednesday at 8pm, I also like the BeeChat chats Monday at 5pm & Thursday at 9pm and finally the GRLPOWR chat Tuesday and Sunday at 9pm. I love all these chats and most are hosted by guest hosts which is a brilliant way to get to know other bloggers you may have not met before.

Goal Three

This goal is a personal related one, I want to keep organised and on top of my university work. This means being ahead of my weekly reading list by at least two weeks. I often find by October I start to get behind on my uni work so this year I would like to be on top of my work if not ahead.

University Books

Goal Four

I hate focusing on numbers but for this goal I am. Each month I am challenging myself to beat the previous months Visitors and Views statistics on my blog. For this month I would like to hit 400 visitors and 800 Views. This always makes me nervous talking about numbers and setting challenges that are partly in my hands. I’m hoping I look back at this in a month and have smashed it, so future Brooke I hope you’re looking back reading this with the biggest grin on your face possible.

Goal Five

Now, seen as though I’ve come to the realisation that Christmas is nearly here I guess I need to do my Christmas shopping. Between me and my partner we do have quite a bit to do and I don’t like leaving it until the last minute and having to deal with the packed shopping centres, crazy customers all desperate for that right present and sweating to death whilst you shop till you drop. I guess a part of this goal is to get a spreadsheet together of who I need to buy for and what they might want and budget how much money I need.


Goal Six

I guess this may sound a bit cheesy but I’d like to have a great month. Whether that is just enjoying myself, creating some time for myself to have a little pamper session or spending time outside of university with my friends. October will be a month of self discovery, fun and positive attitude.

I hope you guys are ready for Blogtober, and the other 30 posts coming your way every evening at 6pm. Also, don’t forget to share your October goals in the comments I’d love to help you reach some!


5 thoughts on “October Goals || Blogtober Day One

  1. Good luck with blogtober ….I look forward to checking out your other posts for this month. It sounds like you’ve got some great goals for the month. I’m really trying to up my blog numbers too and yes totally agree twitter chats are a great way to find and chat to new bloggers x

    1. Thank you for reading, I just shared a post on twitter chats & RT Accounts as I think they’re amazing way to find other bloggers☺️x

  2. I’m loving all of these goals! I am also planning to join in with more Twitter chats and I’m also now beginning to panic about Christmas! Good luck with your goals, I’ve followed your blog and look forward to seeing how you get on.

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