The Best drugstore highlighters

I have searched low and high for drugstore highlighters. Let’s all be honest sometimes we like to splurge on our makeup but sometimes we want a product that is just as good for half of the price. Two of my favourite drugstore brands that have amazing highlighters are MUA and Makeup Revolution. I own a few Makeup Revolution highlighters which are so pigmented and gorgeous it is pretty unbelievable for a drugstore highlighter. Recently, I have become the owner of two MUA highlighters thanks to Faye Jessica’s giveaway. The two shades I received were Peach Diamond and Pink Shimmer.

drugstore highlighter

Left- Peach Diamond               Right- Pink Shimmer


These highlighters do not fail to impress!! Both colours are amazing for pale skinned people like me too. Firstly, Peach Diamond isn’t as peachy as you would expect from its name. It’s a beautiful white opaque colour that under some lights has a pink tinge. One swatch is more than enough and the pigmentation of this colour is very impressive. This colour will look amazing on all skin types, due to its natural sheen. I love to wear this highlighter as a natural everyday highlight as it perfectly illuminates your cheekbones. Although it can easily be built up for a more intense look.

Pink Shimmer, all I can say is WOW! At first I was extremely apprehensive over this shade as my pale skin shows up highlighters and the last thing I wanted was a pink streak down my cheek bones. But this shade is the total opposite, yes it has a pink sheen to it which is stunning but its a lovely shade that compliments my pale skin. It’s not a shade that I would of grabbed whilst in the drugstore but I’m so glad I received it as it adds a little something different to my makeup without it being crazy out there. Because, if I’m being totally honest I’m not one to wear out there makeup, I’d class my makeup as very subtle and natural.

Overall, I would definitely rate these highlighters a 9/10. I think the consistency is slightly chalky compared to the Makeup Revolution highlighters, but nothing that affects how it applies to your cheeks. I would love to hear what your favourite highlighters are as I would like to build up my highlighter collection.


24hrs in Amsterdam- come with me!

Recently me and my boyfriend decided we wanted to go on a little holiday. Somewhere we had never been before, but also somewhere that wouldn’t break the bank. We searched for quite a while. I really wanted to go to Disneyland Paris but that definitely wasn’t in the budget. That’s where 24hrs in Amsterdam came about!

National Holiday

Whilst searching we came across National Holiday. A holiday service that offers package budget holidays. We started searching through their database and found a 24hr trip to Amsterdam. Me and my boyfriend had never been to Amsterdam so it ticked the box of going somewhere new. It was also in our price range and cost £70 per person. The trip we went on was a 3 day trip. We were collected from our local bus station and driven to Hull where we boarded our cruise ship to Rotterdam. Whilst the ferry travelled from Hull to Rotterdam we slept in our cabin. In the morning we awoke to docking in Rotterdam on what seemed a cloudy, miserable day. We then boarded a National Holiday bus to Amsterdam and had 6 hours to freely roam. Here is how our 24hrs in Amsterdam went…


Once we arrived in Amsterdam, we felt slightly overwhelmed. Firstly, it was massive and we had been dropped of at a location and had to navigate our own way around. Luckily, me being the ever organised person I am, had researched what there is in Amsterdam and had planned out our day. First on the list was Maddame Tussauds then the Fault in Our Stars bench and the ‘I Amsterdam’ letters for a photo.

I had printed out google maps of the streets, circling the places we wanted to visit and these maps were a literal life saver on quite a few occasions! Multiple times we managed to get lost and had to rely on our maps to find our way back. I’ve never been to Madame Tussauds and I was so excited to go. Once we were there I was amazed by how good the wax figures were, one of my favourite has to be Barack Obama as he is a giant and I’m 5 foot 5 but I looked tiny compared to him.


Once in Amsterdam we were amazed by its beauty. The stunning buildings, canals and bridges. Of course I took plenty of pictures to try and capture how beautiful Amsterdam actually is. We found that we roamed around for the majority of our time there. Getting lost a few times but that was all part of the fun. Many of the streets look a like and you often find yourself walking around in circles. We found the best way to navigate was to look for landmarks such as museums, galleries or even mc donald’s. That we could pin point on our map and navigate around. When we became really stuck we found the nearest Mc Donald’s. Which was thankfully signposted and used there free wifi to check our location.


We noted that the way of life is very different in Amsterdam. As the houses are usually 3 story buildings that are located around canals. Also many people travel by tram or cycle. Many a times we walked into the cycle lane not knowing it existed and nearly got rammed. A top tip is, if you are ever lost to follow the route of the tram as they often go past big landmarks which help you located where you are.


For any Fault in Our Stars fans let me just tell you the bench is just as magical and amazing as in the film. I was so thrilled to get the chance to sit on the bench for a whole 5 minutes (yes there was a queue of people waiting). The bench is actually located next to another bench which was cut out of the film. So do make sure you sit on the right bench!

Canal Tour

If you do have any time to explore in Amsterdam I would definitely recommend a canal tour. We unfortunately didn’t have enough time but we saw many tours whilst walking along the canals. The tours take you to the landmarks and some take you down the Red Light District just so you can say you have been (from the safety of a canal boat).

I would definitely recommend looking into National Holidays or budget package holidays. We both had an amazing time spending 24hrs in Amsterdam and can’t wait for our next adventure. Let the planning begin!
Let me know where you would like to go on holiday next?

                          – Brooke –

Disney Inspired Outfit Look

One thing that I love more than makeup is Disney! I adore Disney, whether it’s their films, clothes, characters or theme parks. I LOVE it all.  I always believed that it was only acceptable to wear Disney “themed” clothing whilst at DisneyLand. But recently I thought why? Especially since Primark has continuous lines of clothing that are Disney themed. So I’ve started to combine my passion and love for Disney with fashion and I love it. To most people who aren’t big followers you may not understand the Disney slogan tops but for those who do it’s a perfect way to add a bit of the magic into everyday life.


Now I am in no way a model or even close, I am one of the most awkward people when placed in front of a camera to take pictures. It’s something I’m learning more about every time, so for now here are some semi-awkward outfit pictures of me. I wanted to be able to achieve a subtle Disney look and by subtle I mean, being able to go out in public and not being anxious or worried that people are going to stare at me. I think I achieved that perfectly. By teaming my top up with some Primark ripped jeans and khaki jacket.


This gorgeous Primark top which is looks amazing on. I decided to tie a knot in the front just to jazz it up a bit and also I’m quite a small person and find tops are slightly too long on me.  I just love this top because, A) Belle is my favourite princess, so the fact that the top states that just makes me so happy. B) I love the rose detail around the writing which is a subtle hint to the Beauty & the Beast film. C) I think slogan t-shirts are a real big hit at the minute, it’s super easy to throw on with a pair of jeans and you can dress up or dress down a slogan t-shirt.

I’d love to know what your favourite Disney film is and if you have any themed clothing?

       – Brooke –