Pamper Evening Essentials!

Sometimes you just need a good old Pamper evening. I don’t often have the time to relax and pamper myself but when I’m stressed I always make sure I make time for myself. I thought I’d round up my favourite products for pampering with. Especially around this time of the year with exams and deadlines looming it is even more important to make time for yourself and relax. My first step is always to line up all my products on my bathroom side in order of use, this way I don’t forget any steps and I love to be organised.

My first go to product is the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter. This body butter is amazing for people with dry skin like myself, it soaks into the skin hydrating it. I love the scent of this product as well, its not over fragrant but has a subtle scent. Body butter is often a product I forget to use on a daily basis, to be totally honest I don’t have the time everyday to apply it. But, on a pamper session I always apply once I’ve showered and dried myself.

Soap & Glory Body Butter

Another key place to moisturise that people forget is your hands. I never used to moisturise my hands until Matt’s family bought me this Body Shop hand cream for my birthday. B keeping this one in my handbag and one on my bed side to encourage me to use it but once again, I’m a forgetful person and hand cream just isn’t the top thing in on my mind. Lathering this product on is my thing and the pink grapefruit scent is just SO good! I honestly could eat it, its that good. I also find this product is a handy size, it’s small enough to fit into my handbag pocket and to take when travelling.

Body Shop HandCream

The next body product I love to use is this treacle moon Marshmallow bath and body shower gel. I received this as a Christmas gift and yes it really does smell like marshmallows, it is heaven! I love using this product as it’s like a little treat once in a while I love smelling like marshmallows. Also, can we just appreciate the packaging of this product? I love the little paragraph on the front.

Moisturising is a BIG yes during my pamper routine and obviously my face is a pivotal part. Due to my sensitive skin I have to be really careful about what I put on my face. This Superdrug Simply Pure leave on water mask is perfect for hydrating the skin. You just apply a thick layer across the face and leave it for 15-20 mins to sink into the skin. If any product hasn’t absorbed then you simply rub it in. I’ve been using this product once a week to help me hydrate my dry skin. It is perfect and doesn’t react with my skin.

Superdrug Face Moisturiser

I love when pampering myself to take the time to paint my nails. I definitely don’t have enough time to do this on a daily basis but I love painting my nails, I always feel like I have my life together when I have my nails done. Maybe it’s because its time consuming and I rarely paint them? This is my favourite colour to paint them its a beautiful light pink that isn’t too in your face but add a little bit of colour. Also Barry M nail polishes have to be one of my favourite nail polish brands as they apply amazingly. They’re the perfect consistency and apply evenly and streak free.

My last product in my pamper routine is a face mask. What is a pamper routine without a face mask? This a recent addition to my routine and it is becoming one of my favourite steps. The L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask is brilliant at purifying my skin as although it is sensitive I do suffer from mild acne. By using this product I’ve noticed a difference in my skin which has being clearing up a lot recently. Not only does it have amazing results on my skin but I love putting this product on and going to take our bins out and seeing the strange looks I get from my neighbours.

What are your favourite pampering products?
Brooke x

7 thoughts on “Pamper Evening Essentials!

  1. I really love body shop. Their body butter just smells soooo good. Great post 😀 Have a wonderful day

  2. That grapefruit hand cream looks amazing!!
    Also, I keep meaning to follow you, but I don’t know how? Haha, that might just show how technologically dumb I am, but still!

    1. The hand cream is amazing and thank you☺️ I’m the same I have no idea of all the technical things😂x

  3. Thank you for reading Soph!☺️ I’m in love with the Body Shop new banana range it smells soooo good but also feels amazing 🙈x

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