The perfect Suede Boots you need!

Today I’ve decided to dabble a little into the unknown for me. My blog has mainly been a place for sharing my life, YouTube and beauty related things. But today that all changes. I’ve decided to share with you one of my favourite fashion findings of this year. Now, this may become a yearly thing. Discussing my favourite fashion findings if you are interested? I know we’re in February but the weather is still gloomy and miserable. However, I have found the perfect boots to add a bit of colour into this gloomy month.

Once again, Primark have pulled out all the stops with these gorgeous boots that I would expect to find in a more higher end shop. These boots just add so much to an outfit, they are the statement piece! Forget statement jewellery, embroidered suede boots are the way forward.

Primark Floral Boots


Not only were these boots in the sale for £6 talk about a bargain! But, I love the stunning embroidery on these boots. It is so intricate and the floral pattern is right up my street. Now, I am aware they are a bit like marmite. You will either love them or hate them but I absolutely love them.

I’ve found that the heel of these boots is the perfect size. For people like me, who can’t walk in heels and live in trainers the heel is just the right size to add a bit of height and still remain comfy. The amount of compliments I have received from not only friends but strangers about these boots is unreal. Now, I’m not going to lie when I first bought these I was a little dubious. I’m always worrying about what other people think and it took me some real nerve to wear these out the first time. But, since then I constantly feel myself gravitating towards these boots on a daily basis.

Primark Floral Boots

Put to the test

Being the adventurer I am, I decided to put these boots to the test as they were only £6 and I wanted to see how they would last and be on different terrains. I roped Matt in and we went on a small hike up to a view point of Sheffield City Centre. Some of the obstacles I faced were uneven paths, grass and stairs (let’s just mention I am VERY clumsy so these things in themselves are a challenge regardless of what is on my feet).

I managed to hike up to here without tripping, falling, slipping or hurting myself in any way and most importantly my feet did not hurt. These boots are extremely comfy and I will definitely be keeping my eye on Primark’s shoe collection in these next few months in preparation for the summer. I think they are going to have some amazing shoes and sandals on offer this summer.

Brooke x

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