Pitcher & Piano VIP Night || Blogtober Day Seventeen

Pitcher & Piano Drinks

A slightly tired Brooke is writing this post a little last minute because last night I had the best night I’ve had in a long time. I’m not one to often drink, I only drink on few special occasions such as this year a wedding I went to that is it. But, last night I let my hair down and had a good time. I was kindly invited to the new Pitcher & Piano that opens in Sheffield on the 19th of October. I did have a 9am lecture this morning which wasn’t the easiest to attend but I made it!


Pitcher & Piano Front

The Decor

Now, from the moment I walked in I fell in love with the decor. Every corner is so picture worthy and I found myself taking pictures of everything. The attention to detail was impeccable my favourite little detail was the plants on the table upstairs which made the bar feel really relaxed and like home.

Pitcher & Piano Decor

Also, they had the most comfiest chairs that also looked liked the hopped straight out of instagram dreams. I felt like I could of spent way longer working my way around the bar taking pictures in different areas.


Firstly I’m not a big drinker and I am in no way endorsing drinking it is a personal choice and I am of a responsible age to make this decision. But, the range of drinks was incredible! From cocktails to gin and even Cider. I may of had a few Porn Star Martinis before making my way onto good old Vodka and Cola. My friend Louise sampled a range of Cocktails and Gins and my boyfriend was over the moon that they offered cider and Jack Daniels and cola.

Pitcher & Piano Drinks

Every drink we ordered was carefully made and presented amazing!



Now, if you know me I love food and I had just come from a 9-6pm at university so I was hungry. But, Pitcher & Piano came to my rescue look at the amazing food they had on offer! Pitcher & Piano Fries


Pitcher & Piano BurgersPitcher & Piano Halloumi Fries






Pitcher & Piano Dessert

Of course I sampled nearly all the food! The burgers were unreal they were the best burgers I have ever had. The halloumi fries were amazing and I probably did have a few too many of these along with the sweet potato fries. Then to finish it off I had the bitesize chocolate brownie cake which was still warm and drizzled in toffee sauce. (Is your mouth watering yet?)


I had such an amazing time at Pitcher & Piano and can’t wait until it opens to the public to go for a few drinks with friends!



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