Planning my 21st Birthday party #brooke’s21st

Yes you read that right! I’m planning my own 21st birthday party! Am I crazy, yes. So, here is everything I have done to plan my 21st.

Planning my 21st birthday party


Originally I didn’t want a 21st birthday party. I don’t like all the attention to be on me but this party is a way to have all of my family and closest friends in one place. This party will be a small party, like immediate family and my closest friends. I don’t want a big whoo haaa with loads of alcohol cause that’s not me. For those that don’t know me I don’t really drink and if I do it is a rare occasion. This party for me is more of a get together.



Of course, I spent hours scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration and boy there was loads of inspiration. But, I came to the realisation there was no way I alone could organise this kind of party on a budget. Now, I don’t have loads of money to throw around on a party so it was making the decision between what I wanted and what I could afford.


The decision

The first decision I made was the venue. I choose a local village haul as it is a small room with all the facilities I need and not too expensive. I wasn’t interested in any fancy bars or pubs as I wanted to host this all by myself. Next, I came to the realisation I was in way too deep water and organising this all on my own was not the best idea. After, a couple of suggestions I found a company who would bring all the food, cutlery and decorations to me. Not only this, but the decorations were very Pinterest worthy.



For me the decision was a no brainer, afternoon tea. I love afternoon tea’s and a lot of my relatives and friends haven’t experienced one so I thought this would be a great time to have one. Of course, I’ve selected my favourite sandwiches, snacks and desserts of course as it’s my big day! (Kind of selfish I know but I’m sure everyone else will like them).


The Outfit

This was one of the easiest part of this whole party. I actually found my dress way back in March a beautiful navy blue dress from River Island that fits perfectly. For shoes I’ve kept it simple with some good old primark heels in a pink colour to match my handbag but also match my dresses for future occasions.


The day

The actual day itself is going to be crazy. I’m not actually getting to the venue until 2 hours before it starts as I have other commitments. I’m then going to decorate and prepare for the event. Hopefully it will all turn out amazing and I can share all of the pictures with you!


Have you ever tried to organise a party either for yourself or someone else?

Brooke x

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