Positives of panic attacks- 4 Perspectives!

Panic Attacks are awful. But, I wanted to focus on The positives of panic attacks. As most of us who experience them will for the rest of our lives. There is no cure. But by focusing on the positives we can see how Panic Attacks are a good thing. I have three amazing bloggers who have contributed to this post giving their perspectives.


The positives of Panic Attacks


Positives of panic attack- 4 perspectives

“Panic Attacks are temporary and through them you learn the right coping methods to get through them”

I have been experiencing panic attacks since the age of 14. However, it took me around 5 years to understand them, and learn that they were a symptom of a much larger problem I was experiencing with anxiety.

For me, a trigger is when I feel I have lost control or there is high pressure. Now, rather than plummeting into despair, as soon as I feel a panic attack beginning, I use grounding techniques, such as focusing on physical things around me and concentrating on my breathing. I remind myself that no matter what the situation, everything will be okay, and that my panic attack is not rational thought.

However, as scary panic attacks may be, by learning how to deal with them, and through understanding them, you can deal with them and you will be okay. It is so important to remember that panic attacks are temporary, and with the right coping methods you can get through this.


The positives of Panic Attacks


“You are more powerful and have more courage because of your Panic Attacks”

I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression just over a year ago, but I knew something was wrong way before that. People always described me as a worrier, a sensitive kid who always let things get to her. For me, mental health issues were not discussed at home or school, so I did not even know there was a name for how I felt. The university I attended had a range of young adults with mental health illnesses; bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, anxiety and so on. By talking to others I realised that I was going through wasn’t normal but I could manage it and it had a name. Suddenly, I had a support system f people who knew what I was going through and could supply advice and coping mechanisms to get me through them tough days.

Reach out to those around you. Seeking help like therapy, counselling or taking medication is not a sign of weakness. If you have anxiety, you suddenly have a lot more to deal with in everyday life than ‘normal’ people. You’ve made it through hundreds, if not thousands of days, even the rough ones. That took a lot of courage; you are more powerful than you think.


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The positives of Panic Attacks


Positives of panic attacks- 4 perspectives

“Panic Attacks are learning curves showing me that things will hopefully get better”

As much as having anxiety and depression is seen as a bad thing, there are a couple of positives I can take from it.

For me, when I am having anxiety attack/panic attack it pushes me to focus my mind. I subconsciously start to reason with myself and can start putting things in order. Amongst all the chaos, I start to make sense of things which brings me to full circle. I suppose the main positives out of it that after an attack, I can think about my triggers and how I can reduce the effect it should happen again. They, I suppose in a back handed way are learning curves. Showing how we can approach things differently. They also can be looked back on as a reminder that things will (hopefully) get better.



The positives of Panic Attacks


“You are stronger because of your experiences”

Having Panic Attacks I think makes you stronger. You have experienced the dreadful times, the heart palpitations, the feeling that the world is caving in around you. But, you’ve made it through them. You are still here today! That is an achievement and although them times are awful they have made you a stronger person and surely that’s a positive?



Just remember your anxiety does NOT define you! They are positives of Panic Attacks. Remember you are one strong, powerful person who deserves recognising! I am proud of you! Your anxiety is not a negative it is a positive. Your anxiety has shaped who you are today and I think you are pretty amazing!


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