Q & A Birthday Theme! #brooke’s21st

That’s right I’m kicking off this week of posting everyday for seven days with a good old Q & A. For those who have been living under a rock and don’t know what a Q & A is it’s a Question and Answer where my followers ask me questions and I simply answer them. (p.s. you’ve not been living under a rock but where have you been as Q & A’s are all over YouTube?!)

Birthday Q & A Tweet

Question One

This one comes from Alice

What would you say to your 15 year old self looking back?


I would say make the most of life! Death is inevitable and you’re going to loose some of your closest loved ones! You’re one strong person and you’ll make it through this but just tell them you love them because once they’re gone you can’t.


Question Two

This questions comes from the lovely Imogen

What was your favourite birthday present as a child and what was your favourite birthday party?

I’m not going to lie I have the worst memory especially anything over a year or two ago! I’d say my favourite birthday present would have to be my pandora bracelet that my mum gave me. It was a gift my mum bought my auntie from New York and when she passed away my mum gave me it to remember her for my 18th birthday so that my auntie could always be with me. My favourite party would probably have to be my birthday last year my boyfriend through me a surprise afternoon tea party. Afternoon tea is one of my favourite things and he put it all together himself and even had a red rose on the table. Just a little background my boyfriend isn’t the most romantic person in the world so this meant a lot to me. Along with this birthday I’m going to throw it out there and say the birthday party I’ve organised this year for my 21st may trump the rest and be number one!


Question Three

Now, I love this question from Ellie

What is your dream birthday celebration?

Hands down it has to be Disneyland Paris. I would love to be there on my actual birthday. This place holds so many happy memories for me of my auntie and I love it so much. I was lucky this year to visit Disneyland Paris as an early birthday present from my parents. But, unfortunately I won’t be there for my actual birthday because it’s way too expensive and I don’t have that kind of money but hopefully one day I will.


Question Four

Lucy wants to know…

What is one thing you would love more than anything for your birthday?

If I’m totally honest there isn’t anything materialistic that I need. So, I would have to say to have a good time. I’d like to have a great birthday party the day before my birthday and just spend my birthday with the people who mean the most to me!


Lucy also wanted to know….

If you could choose one place to go to for your birthday, where would it be and why?

This question is similar to Ellie’s but my answer would have to be Disneyland Paris. Like is there anything more magical than spending your birthday in Disney?! Meet the Mickey mouse, eat as much Disney themed food as possible and go on all the rides! YES PLEASE!


Question Five

Mary would like to know…

What’s the best thing about having your birthday when you do?

Now, I love having my birthday in September! I was one of the oldest in the school year which I loved because I certainly was and still am one of the smallest. Other than that the fact that my birthday is spread out from Christmas. I get really into Christmas, I mean like a young child does. It’s just so magical so I like the fact that I can celebrate my birthday even though I think it’s slightly pointless because apart from ageing another year I’m still the same old me and then nearly four months later I have all the fun of Christmas. Basically, after my birthday is my time to get excited for Christmas and start planning presents.


Question Six

My bestie Louise wants to know…

what would your dream 21st birthday present be?

For me there isn’t anything I want if I’m honest so I would probably have to say just to have a lovely party with all the people that mean the most to me and have a good birthday doing not much.


Thank you to everyone who asked me questions!


Brooke x


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