Reality of Halloween || Blogtober Day Thirty

Now I love any excuse to dress up, decorate my flat or go all out. So, Halloween is a perfect excuse for me. I love to go all out! But, lets be honest Halloween is no longer what it used to be for me. If I was being honest I’d love to spend Halloween dressed up, trick or treating and eating as much candy as possible. But, unfortunately that isn’t¬†socially acceptable¬†I guess being 21 has it’s downsides. Reality is Halloween will actually just be like any other day for me.

The Reality of Halloween

The dream

For me the dream would be to be at Disneyland Paris meeting all the characters and taking endless pictures of their instagram worthy decorations. Now, I’m not going to deny I have previously been to Disneyland Paris during their Halloween festivities a few years ago and it was everything. I spent the majority of the trip with my face glued to the camera taking pictures of everything. I also lived for all the halloween themed costumes too!


The reality

It’ll be just another night. I may treat myself to some sweets and a Halloween film. But, apart from that it is just like any other day. Whilst I stalk (in a nice way) everyone else’s halloween pictures and admire their outfits.


My Flat

If it was down to me our flat would be decorated fully in halloween decor. But, as I live with my boyfriend and this is his worst nightmare. He loves simplicity by that I mean the basics. I may each year sneak a couple of themed decor items to build up my collection. Nothing too noticeable of course but slowly I’m building up my collection . This year I will be standing my ground and carving a pumpkin. Matt isn’t the biggest fan of pumpkins as they make a mess, rot and he thinks they are a waste of money.


What are you doing this year to celebrate Halloween?


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