Revolution Pro Brow Pomade Review

I know! Another post dedicated to Revolution. But, honestly they are creating so many amazing beauty products that I just can’t keep to myself! My latest edition to my makeup collection is the Revolution Pro Brow Pomade in the shade Ash Brown. Eyebrows for me are one of the trickiest features to apply makeup to. No matter how precise, careful and gentle I am my brows never looks the same. One of my favourite saying is…

Eyebrows are sisters NOT twins

How true is this?! I mean if you can achieve an identical brows then please share your tips with me but I’m sure most people will have the same difficulty as me. Well don’t worry, I have the product that will make your life easier.

Revolution Pro Brow Pomade

This products sells for £5 on Superdrug’s website, which I think is a bargain. The pot contains 2.5g which will last you a while. At first, I was sceptical about using a brow pomade just because whenever anyone talks about brow pomades I think of the girls who have black, drawn on harsh eyebrows. But, let me tell you this product is the complete opposite! I like to use an angled eyebrow brush to apply this product as it is thin, precise and applies evenly.

Now what I have learnt by using this product is it is best when using a brow pomade to start off using light strokes and then building the product up rather than, going in heavy handed. I love to start off near the tail of my brow and line the outside lightly to create a sharp arched tail. Then, I move on to filling in my eyebrows, the key to this is light strokes and then building the product up to the desired look. Finally, the like to fill in the front of my brow.

Now, this is the deal breaker! You don’t want to mess this bit up as it will ruin the whole eyebrow. I find gently stroking the sparse areas fills in the front of the brow perfectly. Once I’ve completed my brows I like to set them in place with Maybelline’s Brow drama this ensures the brow shape I’ve created stays in place all day.


Revolution Pro Brow Pomade

I’ve fallen in love with this product and it has become my go to brow product. It is so easy to use and can create both a natural or dramatic eyebrow look. This product is very easy to use and I would recommend it to all beauty lovers whether, you’re new to make up or experienced. Just remember a little bit of product goes a long way.

Have you tried the Revolution Pro Brow Pomade?

Brooke x

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