Revolution VS L’Oreal foundation sticks Review

Foundation sticks seem to be the new craze in the beauty world. At first I remember thinking, girl my mum used to use a foundation sticks when I was little and that is NOT something I am going to use! But, I jumped on the bandwagon and boy am I glad I did. I’ve picked two of the most loved drugstore foundation sticks and compared them. The categories I compared them on were:

  • Price
  • Packaging
  • Consistency
  • Shades
  • Wear Time

So let me introduce you to these two foundation sticks…

Foundation Sticks

The L’Oreal Infallible Foundation & the Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation.


L’Oreal is priced at £8.99 on Superdrug

Revolution is priced at £5 on Superdrug 

Both are affordable for those on a budget or those who are looking to find a new drugstore favourite.


Now the packaging of these products are completely different. However, the shape of the products and size are similar. The L’Oreal stick has black packaging with a clear lid that has a black and silver brush stroke effect. I love this packaging it is very futuristic but it does pick up product marks and getz dirty very quickly. The Revolution stick is a beautiful nude colour with rose gold accents. My eyes were straight away drawn to this product, probably due to the rose gold accents as I love anything rose gold. The only down side about their packaging is you can’t actually see the product inside.


Shade Swatches

For me consistency is a real deciding point when purchasing a foundation. I have very sensitive skin so any makeup must get on with my skin, feel lightweight and not irritate it. A problem I find with the L’Oreal stick is it applies very oily which would be brilliant for people with dry skin but those with oily skin, it may be worth using a matte powder with this product. It also applies evenly and has a lightweight feel to it. I do love the size of this stick, it is slightly wider than the Revolution and feels sturdy when applying to the face whereas the Revolution does feel slightly flimsy.

The Revolution stick is the PERFECT consistency! It applies so smoothly, evenly and flawlessly. A little bit of product goes a long way with this stick. If you are wanting to create a natural or a heavy makeup look, this product is made for both. It is so versatile and easy to build up.



The L’Oreal packaging makes it so easy to browse through the product and see what the shades are. I love this, as I am a pale person and struggle to find shade that is pale enough for me. I chose the lightest shade in this stick, there are 12 shades within this collection however, there isn’t a large amount of shades for the darker skin tone. Revolution has 18 shades within the collection and there is a shade for every single skin tone. I selected the shade F3 which is the 3rd lightest. For once in my life I am not the palest shade and I am so glad! For all the pale people out there you will no how hard it is to find the perfect foundation shade and Revolution have heard are calls for help and they have provided.

Wear Time

Foundation Sticks

Now both of these sticks claim they are “long- lasting”. So, me being me thought why not put them to the test in a YouTube video. I compared both sticks, each had one half of my face and I compared them using the same categories. The results were surprising! Now, I don’t wear makeup normally for longer than 6 hours so I was not wearing it for 24 hours. But, I did test the foundations over a 6 hour period. I think it is important to mention I have acne and acne scarring so finding a foundation that will not only cover my imperfections but stay in place is a struggle. Both these sticks lasted 6 hours and looked as good as when I applied them.

Would I recommend these products, HELL YES! I reach for the Revolution stick on a daily basis and it has become one of my all time favourite foundations and 100% my favourite foundation of 2018 (and we’re only in April!). Have you used either of these sticks?

Brooke x

4 thoughts on “Revolution VS L’Oreal foundation sticks Review

  1. It seems it’s hard to beat revolution, I need to stock up on some of their products. Although I do have quite dry skin at the moment (damn the cold weather) so maybe I’d be better suited to the L’oreal.

    1. I’d recommend the L’Oreal one for the minute but definitely give Revolution a try too as my skin is dry in areas and it looks good on my skin☺️ Thank you for reading x

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