Rimmel Lasting Radiance Collection Testing + Review

When I saw Rimmel had launched the new Lasting Radiance Collection I couldn’t help myself, I had to try it out! This collection consists of a foundation, concealer and finishing powder. You can purchase this collection from Superdrug or Boots.

Rimmel Lasting Radiance Collection


This foundation looks like the Wake me up and that’s because it’s kind of a re-do. Only better! This foundation has SPF 25, anti-pollutant complex and up to 24-hour hydration. My first thoughts on the packaging are, I love it. It’s simple and like the wake me up. I love the orange features such as the lid, it just reminds me of summer.

Rimmel Lasting Radiance Foundation

The consistency of the foundation is similar to most Rimmel foundations, it isn’t too watery or thick. It also smells nice, which was a big concern for me as it has SPF, I didn’t want it to have that suncream smell to it or that sticky feeling. I love knowing, I can wear this foundation and not have to worry about protecting my skin and wearing suncream as well. Especially, when on holiday the struggle of putting makeup on top of your sun cream, it feels gross. But, with this, it feels like any other foundation and does not have that sticky suncream feel. It also has small specks of glitter which give your skin that glowy, dewy effect which I don’t know about you but my skin definitely needs!


I’m not really picky when it comes to concealer other than, there needs to be a shade light enough for my pale complexion. From the minute I put this onto my under eyes I loved it! It is super brightening and immediately wakes up your under eyes.

Rimmel Lasting Radiance Concealer

The best thing is, it is super lightweight so it doesn’t crease under your eyes or look cakey. Something I struggle with, as the bags under my eyes are unreal and concealer loves to cling to this area. However, this concealer went on perfectly and didn’t cling hallelujah! Thank you Rimmel for having Vitamin C in this product it literally wakes up my under eyes and makes me look as if, I have no stress in the world because lets be honest that’s why them bags are there!

The packaging is super simple and I love how slim it is, there is nothing worse than a bulky concealer for me. I love that I can pop this into my bag for touch-ups throughout the day. There is also a clear colour scheme for this new collection and I am here for the orange and copper.


WOW! This product is a must have. You need it in your makeup bag. Firstly, can we talk about how versatile this product is. From an all over face powder to a bronzer. You can even use it as an eyeshadow! I decided to go for shade two, Honeycomb. I love the fact that this powder isn’t just one shade instead it has some light powders, contour/bronzer, and highlighter. If you fancy using it for a setting powder, you could just use the specific shade or you could swirl it for a natural glowy look.

Rimmel Lasting Radiance Powder

I decided to swirl my brush and use it as a bronzer. It made my skin look so dewy and fresh and gave it the glow it has never had. Also, I was worried that the glitter pigment in this may flash back on camera and make me look like a glittery mess. But, it looks amazing on camera both when filming and taking pictures. I don’t think I have ever seen my skin look so naturally glowy, minus all the natural since it definitely isn’t natural the glow!

My overall thoughts on Rimmel

Overall, I LOVE this new Rimmel collection! My only advice would be to maybe go a shade lighter on the foundation as it does oxidize slightly. But, it creates such an amazing naturally glowing appearance. This may be my new go-to collection for the remainder of spring/summer!

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