Sheffield Christmas Market 2018

It’s my favourite time of the year… Sheffield Christmas Market time! There is nothing better than a Christmas market to get you into the spirit. I love the fact that small businesses come together in one place and you can support them! I may of found a couple of gems this year and returned to some of my favourite stalls. Now, this market is tiny compared to other Christmas markets like Manchester & Winter Wonderland. But, it is brilliant to walk around and have a slow browse. 

New Additions 

This year there was a new addition… a big wheel. Although I didn’t get to go on it as Matt is scared of heights and I wasn’t going to be that person to go on my own. 

Sheffield Big wheel

But, Matt did like spending a good 20 minutes photographing it. So, full credit goes to Matt for this picture! 

Sheffield Santa 

This year Sheffield have decided to do a Christmas trail for the kids. The end of it is a massive Santa that is both impressive and tacky at the same time but I love it! 

Sheffield Santa

I tried to get a good picture in front of it but I look like a dark blur in front of it so instead you can have this picture Matt took.


Now, this stall got me drooling! I have a major sweet tooth and I could not stop drooling over this stall. From homemade fudge to strawberry pencils there was everything. 

Sheffield Christmas Market Sweets

I have to say this year they have added plastic shells over them to protect the sweets from everything else. As tempted as I was I didn’t buy any as I know I’m that person that puts way too much in their pick and mix bag and then has to pay £5. Instead I settled for a hot chocolate when I got home. 

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