Snow Day! Fun and No sun in sight

Wow, I spent all Christmas wishing for snow and what am I blessed with in the end of February? Sun  (I wish) S N O W! Lots of it. I know I complained at the lack of snow this Christmas. But the Beast from the East at the end of February is NOT what I expected or wanted. Of course, there was the panic shoppers who bought 27 loaves of bread and milk (okay maybe a slight exaggeration) but no one needs more than one loaf of bread and milk at a time. Then, there was all the public transport cancellations. Which was a palaver in itself for me, but I made it to my destinations safely.

No Uni!

Now, the snow has helped me a little, I’ve been lucky enough to have 3 snow days with no uni or placement due to the weather. I’ve caught up on my uni work. Had some fun in the snow with my boyfriend. I even managed to go home for the weekend. Having some time off, to spend with Matt has been lovely. There’s nothing I love more than staying in my flat all warm and people watching. I don’t want to sound mean. But, I love looking at people and thinking I’m glad it is not me outside freezing!

Blowing Snow

The Downside!

The only downside, is how cold it actually is. I’m 100% not made for the cold. As I write this I’m on a train to visit my family and I have two pairs of trousers on, a top, jumper, coat, scarf, hat, gloves, thick socks and my timberland boots and I’m still freezing. There is nothing I love more than being snuggled up under blankets. In a nice warm room so this weather isn’t the most pleasant experience for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love having fun in the snow. Making snow angels, snowball fights and making snowmen. But, lets all be honest all of the above equal being freezing cold and having wet clothes. Not my favourite thing in the world, once I’m cold I’m cold for a good few hours.

Although, I have loved going out for the odd 30 mins here and there. Whether it’s taking some photos or going for a short walk. However, I will emphasise short, 30 mins. I cannot last longer! There is nothing worse then having freezing cold hands, face, ears and legs. But, on a positive note I always have an excuse to have a hot chocolate. Also, put the heating on and snuggle in bed whilst watching a film.  What have you done on your snow day? If you love blog posts all about the different Seasons then check out my post all about Autumn HERE.

Brooke x

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