Solo Flying | My tips and tricks

The two words that fill me with dread…

Solo Flying!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind flying but my anxiety makes it so hard for me and the whole experience is filled with anxiety, dread and stress. But, I decided it’s 2018 and I’m sick of letting my anxiety control everything I do. So, I decided to book a holiday that meant solo flying. At the time it seemed like a really good idea to face my anxiety of flying alone but in reality when I actually realised what this entailed I had a full blown meltdown. I must of gone through every scenario of what could possibly happen from leaving to go to the airport to arriving in Spain.


So let me just give you a little flying background. The last time I flew was 2 years ago when me and my boyfriend went to Spain. My anxiety was through the roof and I can’t really remember much of the flight except having a humongous panic attack before we landed as I wanted to get off the plane. So, you can imagine I was filled with dread as to how I was going to cope on my own.

Tip One

Be organised! Now for me this was a huge help. I had a plastic wallet which had all my important document in; passport, travel insurance documents, boarding card and medical card. This was a huge help as whenever I had to present my passport or boarding card I knew exactly where it was and it prevented me from loosing all my important documents. Also, part of being organised is making sure you leave yourself plenty of time before you have to board. I arrived at the airport super early now I only had hand luggage so didn’t have to wait for check in to open and by going early it allowed me plenty of time to make my way through security and duty free at my own place.

Tip Two

Have some form of distraction for on the plane. For me I had plenty of distractions; a book, my I-pad which had a film and two RU Paul Dragrace episodes on and my phone which had games and podcasts on. I made sure all my electronics were fully charged too. This was one of the best tips for me and kept me so calm on the plane. The tv programmes and film kept me distracted for the whole flight and the flight seemed so quick down to this.

Tip Three

Eat something before boarding the plane and make sure you have snacks for the journey. I always feel better once I’ve eaten so I made sure once I’d been through security I got some food. For me it was a Burger King which tasted so good and distracted me from the fact I had to get on a plane. I also picked up some snacks for on the plane. These were brill on the plane as I could just munch away when I was hungry. But, you could always take food from home with you it you wanted to instead.


Tip Four

Keep as calm as possible. For me I rehearsed so many different scenarios of what would happen in the airport in my head. By doing this it helped me to stay as calm as possible. I also had some chewing gum which I always have for when I start panicking as by chewing on it, it focuses me on something else other than the fact that I’m panicking.


Tip Five

Research the airport beforehand. I like to know what to expect at the airport. So before going I researched pictures of the airport, what I could eat at the airport and what security looked like. For me, this really helped me keep calm, as the airport itself felt like a familiar place from looking at all of the pictures online and I also knew each stage I had to complete before I could get on the plane.

I hope some of these tips and tricks may be helpful for your future journeys!

Brooke x

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  1. Great post! I have never flown by myself before, and I will have to for a work conference in August. I am definitely saving this post for then, because I know I will get super nervous 🙂
    -Jenna <3
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    1. Good luck flying on your own! It isn’t as bad as I thought so definitely try out some of these tips and I hope it’s a nice experience for you☺️x

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