Spain 2018

So recently I took the plunge and travelled to Spain on my own. Now I’m going to write a whole post on solo flying because that is a whole story in itself! Today I wanted to share my actual holiday, pictures and the funny parts I guess. So, the reason I chose Spain was some of my family live out there so I went to stay with them for 12 days as a little break to celebrate finishing my second year of university. Now I wasn’t expecting amazing weather, just it to be warm I guess and I dropped on, the weather was amazing and was definitely shorts, skirts and dresses type of weather.


Eddy’s Street Food

Whilst there I had no real plans except to try and relax and take each day as it came. One of the places we did discover was Eddy’s Street Food. This was an outdoor street food basically and the food was sold from a little food truck. Now, I’ve never experienced anything like this before and at first I was a little dubious as to whether the food would be nice but it was outstanding!

Eddy’s Street Food

I ordered the chicken burger which was around €9 so it was a little pricy but obviously it is a small business so you don’t mind paying a little more than normal. The burger was so good! From the fresh bread to the secret burger sauce on it. I’ve recommended it to all of my family for when they visit.

Eddy’s Chicken Burger

The seating and decor at this place was so eccentric and individualistic. Every corner had something else I wanted to take a picture of. It was a mixture of different decades worth of furniture but it all looked so good together.

Phone & Light Old TVFurniture

The whole area was so interesting even the bar had recycled wood panels. They also incorporated a lot of plants and succulents which I loved as I love photographing plants and flowers. Also, it was perfect on an evening to sit and chill with a nice cool drink in the sun.

BarPlantsBike & Plants














We also visited the local park which is home to a range of different animals from ducks to peacocks and squirrels. I love most animals (snakes and sharks are a no for me) so I was in my element snapping pictures of all these animals. I also couldn’t believe how friendly the animals were, a few peacocks ate from my hand which was a new experience for me. Also, the little ducklings were so adorable! They were so friendly and very interested in my camera which I had set up on my little tripod to catch some footage for my vlog.



Duckling PeacockDuckling Peacock Peacock








One of the only things I was adamant I wanted to do whilst at Spain was visit the lemon market. This is a local market that sells everything and anything. If I’m confessing I may of bought a few too many handbags, but a girl can never have to many handbags I think! I also couldn’t resist taking pictures of all the fruit and vegetables as they were so brightly coloured.




Of course before I flew back to the U.K. I had to make a stop off for an ice cream. I went for Marshmallow flavoured ice cream which I’ve never had before but it sounded so good and white chocolate ice cream which is my favourite. This combination was so amazing, if I could of brought some home to U.K. I 100% would of.

I had such an amazing time in Spain but now I’m getting ready for my next adventure. Make sure you keep your eyes open for my super exciting announcement on Sunday!

Brooke x

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