The Best drugstore highlighters

I have searched low and high for drugstore highlighters. Let’s all be honest sometimes we like to splurge on our makeup but sometimes we want a product that is just as good for half of the price. Two of my favourite drugstore brands that have amazing highlighters are MUA and Makeup Revolution. I own a few Makeup Revolution highlighters which are so pigmented and gorgeous it is pretty unbelievable for a drugstore highlighter. Recently, I have become the owner of two MUA highlighters thanks to Faye Jessica’s giveaway. The two shades I received were Peach Diamond and Pink Shimmer.

drugstore highlighter

Left- Peach Diamond               Right- Pink Shimmer


These highlighters do not fail to impress!! Both colours are amazing for pale skinned people like me too. Firstly, Peach Diamond isn’t as peachy as you would expect from its name. It’s a beautiful white opaque colour that under some lights has a pink tinge. One swatch is more than enough and the pigmentation of this colour is very impressive. This colour will look amazing on all skin types, due to its natural sheen. I love to wear this highlighter as a natural everyday highlight as it perfectly illuminates your cheekbones. Although it can easily be built up for a more intense look.

Pink Shimmer, all I can say is WOW! At first I was extremely apprehensive over this shade as my pale skin shows up highlighters and the last thing I wanted was a pink streak down my cheek bones. But this shade is the total opposite, yes it has a pink sheen to it which is stunning but its a lovely shade that compliments my pale skin. It’s not a shade that I would of grabbed whilst in the drugstore but I’m so glad I received it as it adds a little something different to my makeup without it being crazy out there. Because, if I’m being totally honest I’m not one to wear out there makeup, I’d class my makeup as very subtle and natural.

Overall, I would definitely rate these highlighters a 9/10. I think the consistency is slightly chalky compared to the Makeup Revolution highlighters, but nothing that affects how it applies to your cheeks. I would love to hear what your favourite highlighters are as I would like to build up my highlighter collection.


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