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Jewellery Box

Now, I love Jewellery but find it so hard to match it with my outfits. But, recently I discovered the Jewellery Box and fell in love with so many items. They have a wide range of jewellery from bracelets to rings there is loads of choice. I’ve already started to create a wishlist and got a couple of present ideas.


Jewellery Box



Can we just take a minute to appreciate Jewellery Boxes packaging! It is so adorable. From the brown boxes, to the cute ribbon and dainty little tag.


I did pay £1.95 to receive one of my items in this cute little box to review. This would be perfect if you order anything as a gift as it saves you having to wrap it up! I know if I received a gift packaged like this I would be over the moon! It is evident that someone has handmade parts of this packaging and taken their time to make sure it looks amazing. I think the little tag makes the package for me! The other product did come in a lovely little brown envelope which was just as cute for free.




The first thing I purchased was this gorgeous infinity loop bracelet. When I saw this I fell in love with it. It’s dainty appearance and of course it’s simplicity has me written all over it. Adding jewellery into my everyday wardrobe is hard but when I saw this bracelet I knew it would match perfectly with everything and has become my favourite accessory. For £4.75 this bracelet is a bargain in my opinion. You can tell it is quality and won’t be breaking anytime soon. You can find this bracelet here.


I have had my ears pierced since my early teens but more recently haven’t wore earrings due to my last job. But, now that I can wear them I need to build up my collection again. I had seen a YouTuber wear some bar earrings a while ago and had been hunting ever since. Well, the day has come and I’ve found exactly what I was looking for and they were only £4.95. I’ve wore these earrings on multiple occasions now and my sensitive ears haven’t reacted. Also, they do these earrings in three different price ranges (dependent on the material made out of). I love this as you have the choice of whether to splurge or save dependent on your budget. You can find this item here.


If you would like to purchase anything from Jewellery Box or check them out then click here!* Or you can click on the link on my blog shown in this picture on the right hand side*-


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Brooke x 

55 thoughts on “The Jewellery that you need in your life!

  1. These pieces look beautiful! I don’t have my ears pierced due to my needle phobia but I’m trying to convince myself to do it – I’d love some earrings!
    Looks like they do some lovely simple pieces – just the kind of thing I’d like to get more of!

    1. I’m the same with needles but honestly I recommend having them done! I’m very simplistic when it comes to jewellery and there’s some lovely affordable pieces☺️x

  2. These are so simplistic and cute! I especially love the infinity bracelet, I’ve always wanted to be gifted one of those from a loved one as I think it’s such a cute concept. Silver is my favourite for jewellery too as I’m much more drawn towards cooler tones than warm! I think these would go so well with anything, what gorgeous picks and the packaging is so sweet! Loving the bokeh effect in these photos, too!
    Alice Xx

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I agree the jewellery is so lovely. I always wanted my family to buy me some jewellery but it hasn’t happened so far😂 x

    1. They’re so affordable all of their products and these earrings are amazing! I’ve had so many compliments☺️x

    1. Thank you for reading! I do love this bracelet and I rarely take it off now except for when I’m showering☺️x

    1. I love how they have a range of jewellery at different price tags so you can splurge or save! Without loosing quality of the product☺️x

  3. I loveeee the bar earrings! I am so bad at wearing earrings, in that if I take a pair out I just forget to put in new ones! I will definitely be taking a better look at this brand!

    1. They’re so gorgeous and adorable too! I’m the same! I’ve had these earrings in since I bought them and they’re so comfy even to sleep in☺️x

  4. I really love how simplistic the jewellery is that you recived, I really like the necklace. The packing is also really pretty it would make a great gift for people, will definitely check out their site x

  5. Great post, I love the pictures and those products looks amazing definitely checking them out! Love your content and your blog so fresh! So vibrant! Love it!

    1. I’m pretty sure they do them in gold and rose gold too!☺️ They’re gorgeous these earrings and I’m so glad I found them as they’re so affordable! I’ve looked at loads of others but they weren’t in my price range x

  6. These are so pretty! I don’t wear a lot of jewellery myself, but I have lots of birthdays coming up, so will definitely keep this post in mind. 😊

  7. The infinity loop bracelet is gorgeous, so dainty and pretty! This would make the perfect gift for someone special. I really love the packaging too, it’s super cute and a huge bonus that everything is so affordable too! Lovely review Brooke 💖 xx

    Bexa |

  8. These pieces are absolutely beautiful, I love simple jewellery which makes a statement rather than something quite big and busy, if that makes sense? Lovely post, I may have to purchase! xxx

  9. These pieces are absolutely beautiful, I love simple jewellery which makes a statement rather than something quite big and busy, if that makes sense? Lovely post, I may have to purchase!xxx

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