The Perfect winter drink recipe!

Hello Blogmas Day Two. Today’s post is sharing my favourite winter drink secrets. That’s right, I’m spilling the beans on my favourite hot chocolate, mugs and toppings.

Hot Chocolate

I am hot chocolate obsessed! I’m not afraid to admit that, there’s nothing more I love than getting all cosy on an evening sipping a hot chocolate whilst watching a Christmas film. I hear you asking, well Brooke what’s your secrets? Well my first secret is, always make your hot chocolate with hot milk instead of hot water as it makes it more creamy. Secondly, I’ve tried numerous hot chocolate brands and there is always one that has never been beaten… Cadburys hot chocolate in my opinion is the BEST! It’s rich, creamy and chocolatey. I find the formula of the Cadburys powder mixes better and doesn’t leave you with a lumpy, powdery hot chocolate. Now for me, a hot chocolate is not a hot chocolate without its toppings. I love some squirty cream to melt into the hot chocolate. I also love some sprinkles, today I chose some crushed up candy canes seen as though its the countdown to Christmas but I also love chocolate sprinkles.


What is a hot chocolate without a snazzy mug to drink out of? Of course I had to get a Christmas themed mug! This mug was a bargain and was £1 from Poundland, so do not go out and spend loads of money on a Christmas themed mug, definitely check out supermarkets or Pound shops first. This mug is just amazing I am not a morning person, I find it so hard to get out of bed in the morning so this mug spoke to me, because low and behold on December 25th I am up at the crack of dawn waiting for my boyfriend to get up because I’m so excited.

What is your favourite hot chocolate brand and what topping do you like?

Brooke x

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