The Post Room Meadowhall- Come with me to the opening day!

I was kindly invited to the VIP launch of Meadowhall’s new Post Room. A fully immersive pop-up experience located at Meadowhall for a limited time only until 19th May! What’s even better it is FREE! Don’t forget to upload your selfie to Twitter or Instagram. Make sure you use #MHPostRoom and @LoveMeadowhall to be in with a chance of winning a £250 Meadowhall gift card (Check Meadowhall website for T&C’s).

First Impressions

Of course as a blogger I’ve seen all over Instagram the amazing pop-up experiences. But, there has never been any near me to visit. They look like fun and a great experience. Of course when I got invited I was so excited. Meadowhall is my local shopping centre so what a perfect location. Upon arriving I don’t think you could walk past the Post Room and not wonder what it is! Even I was questioning what it was until the penny dropped! Walking in the Post Room is like every Instgrammers dream. So, many opportunities to take fun pictures.

Top Tips

Now, as always I thought this event through. Making sure I made the most of this pop-up experience. So, you bet I wore layers so I could change my outfit up. Also, take a friend or multiple friends with you to snap your pictures for you! I got some great photos thanks to my personal photographer (aka Louise my friend), we also asked some other bloggers to take photos of us together.

Go Bananas

As soon as I walked in my eyes were drawn to this room! I have never seen bananas hanging from the ceiling. Of course, I was straight into the room using the bananas as a phone.

The Post Room Go Bananas

We also spent ages changing the angle of the camera and messing around with the bananas as believe me it’s not natural to interact with bananas! I also loved the contrast between the yellow and pink in this room and there were so many fun photo opportunities in this room!

The Post Room Go Bananas

Now, I did see some of the models creating amazing pictures pretending to be on the phone in this room but when I tried I looked crazy! So, moral of the story do what feels natural. For me, that was staring into the bananas?

Over the Rainbow

I loved this room because there were so many different photo opportunities in this room. Of course, I took a few photos and made a cheeky little outfit change to make the most! I just can’t get over the rainbow on the back wall it is a beautiful pastel rainbow, I would of loved as a child to have that painted on my bedroom wall!

The Post Room Over the Rainbow

Now, I’m definitely not natural in front of a camera! I’m more than happy to talk away to a camera but when it comes to having my photo taken I’m just not photogenic, I look awkward! But, I have to give props to my friend Louise for taking these pictures that actually turned out pretty good to say they are of me! I would definitely recommend having a play around in this room with the different props and take as many pictures as you can because let’s be honest there will be at least one where your eyes are closed!

Over the Rainbow

See what I did there? Quick outfit change! Well, more like a quick throw on of a jumper and it completely changes the dynamic of the photo and colour scheme.


Who knew walking through a room full of ribbons suspended from the roof would be so much fun?! I had more fun filming myself walking through this room than taking pictures in it.

Ribbon upon Ribbons

This room would also make the perfect boomerang walking out of the ribbons!

Chair of dreams

Now, this chair is deceiving! It looks real Instagram worthy but let me tell you getting into it is a talent! But, once you’re in it the perfect chair to spin around in to get them boomerangs but also the fur makes the perfect backdrop!

The Post Room Fur

We even managed to get a cute picture of me and Louise thanks to Claire! Also, if you get the chance to go in this room make sure you stroke the wall! I know that sounds crazy, but trust me you want to.

The Post Room Chair of Dreams

It’s raining confetti

This has to be the most fun of all the rooms but also the most challenging. Of course, I wanted to try and get that perfect shot of me pretending to turn the shower on and confetti coming out all over me, well…

Confetti Shower

It’s sort of there? But, you get the idea! I challenge you to go and try to get this shot perfect because it’s just human nature to close your eyes as the confetti comes down on you!

This is what dreams are made of!

This is what every adult’s and child’s dreams are made of right?! The ball pit of dreams. There are not many places you can go to and play in a ball pit as an adult. You can imagine the joy on my face and of course, I went in with the children and had way too much fun!

Ball Pit

Plus my photographer for the day, thought I could get a “cute” photo which it is but all I can think of is when I was a child on school photo day and they made me do the same position.

Ball Pit

Make sure you check out my video to see what the Post Room looked like!

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