Top 5 things to do for FREE! || Blogtober Day Ten

Squirrel in a tree

Sometimes we just need to get out. But, having a day out can be expensive. Well, I thought I’d share my favourite things to do for FREE during autumn. Yes, you can do things without breaking the bank. I’ve tried to find things that people everywhere can do not just specifically where I am from.



FREE Nature Walks

No matter where you live there are always places you can go for walks. Autumn is my favourite season to go for walks as the burnt orange and brown leaves are all over the floor and the weather is perfect for wearing scarves and coats. There are loads of walks from parks to city streets. Every street holds a different story whether its nature or graffiti. My favourite walks have to be in forest and parks as you always find little gems like this cute little squirrel.


Movie Day

Sometimes, the weather is unpredictable during Autumn. So, a movie day is perfect for them rainy days. You can get all snuggled up in bed with some snacks and watch a film. My favourite films to watch are Halloween films during this time of the year.I have wrote a post of my top 5 halloween films which you can read HERE for some movie inspiration.


Pamper Day

Often, we forget that we need a little pampering session. Especially in autumn when the weather gets cooler we neglect our skin. Pamper days/sessions are perfect for relaxing and treating our skin. My favourite thing to do is choose a face mask, a luxurious bath/shower product and put some music on. I also love to hydrate my skin by moisturising and painting my nails so I feel extra special.



We often have baking ingredients in our cupboard but forget. Autumn is the perfect time to stay at home, cosy and warm and bake. I love to bake apple crumbles at this time of the year as a nice warm dessert to warm you up. Or if you’re feeling a little lazy you could always cheat and buy a shop made dessert.

Blog Pictures

Why don’t you spend the day taking blog pictures and creating a stock pile. I find taking blog pictures is the longest part of creating a blog post. So, I like to take my pictures all at once. This time of the year is perfect for taking pictures outside in the leaves or if it’s rainy you can take pictures inside. Heres a little throwback to last years blog pictures I took.

FREE Blog pictures

If you would like to read more Blogtober posts then click HERE and also let me know your favourite things to do for free during Autumn.


31 thoughts on “Top 5 things to do for FREE! || Blogtober Day Ten

    1. Anything that is free gets a thumbs up from me and especially when the weather is so unpredictable it’s normally things I can do at home☺️

  1. These are all great ideas! I love going for walks and having movie nights! I’d love to do more baking as well but I’d make too many cakes and then eat them and my figure wouldn’t thank me haha. Need to get out and take some autumn pictures yours is so cute!

    Jess //

    1. This is the struggle I often go to my parents to bake so that I can leave the baking there for them to eat and bring a bun home for me and my partner each😂

  2. Such good ideas! I love going for walks in Autumn as the temperature is perfect! I always forget about pamper days as Autumn is usually when I find myself really busy, great post x

    1. I always forget about pamper days so I’ve started scheduling a day every two weeks or so to dedicate solely to that😂x

  3. Loved this. Especially to someone who is trying to save up to go travelling next year. It reminds me I don’t akways have to go out and spend money!


  4. I love this! Too often I find myself just wasting time on social media when I’m not spending money going out and I really need to find more fulfilling things to do <3 These are some great suggestions.

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