Blogmas 2018- Welcome to Day One

It’s the 1st of December and that only means one thing! Hello, Blogmas 2018!! I thought I’d start Blogmas off by welcoming you and letting you know what is to come in the next month. So, Welcome to Blogmas 2018!


Blogmas 2018- 31 Days of Blogging

There is a little debate surrounding Blogmas on what that actually means 25 or 31 days of blogging. I’ve opted for 31 days because I’m crazy. So, expect a new post everyday day at hopefully 5pm (don’t hold me to 5pm though). But, there will be a post every day! With a successful Blogtober under my belt I’m feeling ready for the challenge. Those who know me think I’m crazy as not only do I have two university deadlines, a Dissertation and placement to complete I thought why not just complete Blogmas? If I’m doing that I may as well try Brookemas too! That’s right new videos every day through December on my YouTube too.

Welcome to Blogmas 2018

You can find all my Blogmas posts this year under the tab Blogmas 2018 on the categories section of my blog.

Blogmas 2018- Content

Last year I failed at Blogmas and have learnt from that experience. So, this year I’ve decided to mix the context between Christmas themed, Winter themed and personal posts. Just to keep it interesting and fun especially as December will be a busy month and I want to share some of the exciting things I get up to with you all!

I would like to improve my photography this year too as I found by uploading everyday I got a bit lazy and wasn’t proud in the end of the photos I was posting. This year I’m going to take my time and really try upping my photography game, so watch this space!


Blogmas 2018- The Goal

This may be a pretty obvious point but the main goal is to complete Blogmas 2018 but more than just that. I’d like to complete it with style and grace! I want to be proud of every single post I make and I mean every single one. None of this last minute writing a bogus post on how I think doughnuts are like the blogging community (one of my Blogtober posts!). Girl needs to organise herself and be on it.

Welcome to Blogmas 2018

I even bought myself a new day by day diary so I can write lists to my hearts content to keep on top. As organisation is the key to Blogmas!


Blogmas 2018- Throwback

If you’re wanting a little giggle or something to pass the next 24 hours until my next post is up then check out last year’s Blogmas Posts. Hopefully, this years posts will be a lot better content, writing and photography. As progression is what it’s all about for me. If you want to keep up with me throughout December then make sure you are following me on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for more Christmas content!


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