What Christmas means to me

It’s just over a week until Christmas and I’m so excited! But whilst I sit and think about what Christmas Day will be like, will it snow, what will I wear? The question what Christmas actually means to me always comes to me.

When I was younger I never appreciated Christmas, to me I thought it was about what you received. I was a selfish child that didn’t understand the true meaning of Christmas. Over the years, I believe I have learnt what Christmas actually means to me. I guess Christmas will mean different things to different people depending on their experiences.

To me Christmas is about spending time with family and making memories. Now that I’m older, I have my own life, I live separately to my family, Christmas is the one time where I’m not at work or university and we can all get together. I love spending Christmas just talking with family, laughing and having a nice time.

Most of my fondest memories are from Christmas. My family have so much fun playing games, talking and of course eating way too much food. If you’re anything like me I live for Christmas dinner.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Brooke x

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