What’s in my handbag || Summer 2018

reading glasses

It’s been all Disney related here on my blog this past month so I thought I’d shake things up with a old favourite of mine. If you’re as nosy as I am then you’ll love snooping and seeing what’s inside my handbag this summer.


If I’m being honest then my bag is full of crap normally. I like to have everything and by everything I mean everything bar the kitchen sink. Now, I’m trying to convert to smaller bags to avoid carrying so much rubbish. At the minute I’ve been using this black Primark bag that was £8. It is the perfect size to fit my purse and my necessities. 

Card wallet

My first necessity has to be my card wallet. I don’t know about you but I never have change so instead of carrying my massive purse around with me I thought I’d convert to this small khaki card wallet from Primark. A) it means I can fit more rubbish into my bag which I love and B) it makes my bag so much lighter. Of course, in this weather you need sunglasses! These are a must have for me I always have a pair in my handbag. However, I always seem to forget they are there. My favourite sunglasses are primark because they are around £3 and are brilliant for chucking in your bag because if they do break it’s not going to break the bank.


I am obsessed with hand gel. Ever since me and Matt have been together his mum has always bought me Body Shop products and since then I have been hooked. I love carrying around hand gel especially the Body Shop ones as they smell so good. By this I mean, mouth watering! I also like to carry a hand cream usually in the same scent as I don’t want no clashing. I love to keep my hand moisturised and soft especially in this warm weather.

reading glasses

Another necessity for me has to be my watch. Matt bought me this a couple of years ago as I always used to ask what the time was. I am no obsessed with wearing it and if I forget I feel lost. I am looking at other watches that are a little more pricey for my 21st birthday. But, this ASDA watch has done the job and lasted these past couple of years well. Of course, I have to have my flat key in my handbag. I try to keep it inside there at all times because if not I loose it.


What do you keep in your handbag?

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Brooke x

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