Why I can’t relate to YouTube anymore || Blogtober Day Four

Over 4 years ago I created Brooke Pearson a channel to share my life. It started as a hobby sharing my latest purchases and favourites but slowly evolved into a channel full of variety from life updates, vlogs and lifestyle related content. But, I’ll admit it has now been neglected. A decision that I didn’t take lightly but one that was for the best. Now, most social media platforms change as they evolve but I made the choice to take a break from YouTube until I find my place.


The decision

So, I came to the decision to take a break from YouTube early July after a couple of public scandals and events. As a small, very small youtuber I’ve always prided myself on being honest and staying true to myself. With recent events the platform I once loved has turned into a place of scandal and negativity. Now, I always try to be positive so I don’t want to be all doom and gloom because there is Youtubers out there who I admire and are role models but recently that has been over shone in my opinion by the negatives.

Behind the Scenes


Whilst on my break I have discovered the main reason for taking a break is because the content I was discovering/already subscribed to was not relatable. I always seem to gravitate to people who I can relate to. Whether that’s their everyday life or their morals and goals. For example, Brogan Tate is one of my favourite YouTubers at the minute. Mostly, because she is humble and her life is relatable. Now, I’m all for supporting others achievements but I find it hard to relate to others lives and sometimes watching their content isn’t as interesting as I can’t relate to their lifestyle. Shane Dawson is another YouTuber I’m obsessed with! I love how he shows you the real lives behind many popular YouTubers and this is the content I need.

I’m forever wondering what their houses look like, what they do on a day to day basis but most importantly who they actually are. I’ve come to the realisation that we only see a tiny snippet of a YouTubers life so how can we relate to them when we don’t really know them? Now, I understand why YouTubers wouldn’t want to share every aspect of their lives because then they would have no privacy but some times just a little bit is all us viewers want. Whether it’s your morning routine or simply your favourite breakfast cereal at the end of the day we can always relate to these things and it is this that makes YouTubers seem normal to us and relatable.

I think it is so easy to get sucked into this idea that YouTubers are another species but at the end of the day they are just regular humans like us that have chosen to share their lives on the internet.

Phone playing YouTube

The Future

Now, the future is something I definitely need to address. After my break, I’m ready to get back on to YouTube and create the content that I want to! I want to post more relatable content that shows my everyday life. As for YouTube itself, I’m ready to give it another chance and be a part of creating and developing this platform into a place of positivity.


I would love to know your thoughts on YouTube!



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