Winter Date Night – activities, top tips and food!

As it gets busier at Christmas it’s important to remember to have some time for yourself and your loved ones. So, I’ve put together what a typical Winter Date Night looks like for me. From what we eat, activities we do to top tips I’m sharing it all.  But, you don’t need to have a partner to have a Winter Date Night! You could do it with a friend, family member or even yourself! One of my favourite things is to have a Winter Date Night on my own and treat myself!


Winter Date Night- Top Tips

When organising what you would like to do on your date night I like to write a list of things me and my boyfriend like to do. This helps to see what things we would both like to do and sometimes one of us will compromise and do something we may not particularly be over excited to do such as for me go to the cinema to watch a horror film. That’s not something I would choose to do but if my boyfriend would like to go and see one then I would go.


Have a look at what is available in your local areas. A lot of places local have offers so check if they have student nights, or half price tickets. This is a great way of saving a bit of money especially when money can be tight during this month. It also gives you an idea of what day is best for your date night.


If you can’t come to an agreement of what you want to do then write down either on some paper or a lolly stick some date ideas and pop them in a jar. You can them randomly pull them out and let that decide what you do to avoid arguments and add that element of excitement and surprise!


Winter Date Night- Activities

Winter Date Night Ideas- mini golf

For me if I’m making the effort to go out I want to do something I like and I’m interested in so here is a few ideas of activities you could do:-



-Mini Golf


-Quiz Night

-Cocktail Testing

-Meal Out

-Escape Room


Winter Date Night- Food

As I’m food orientated this is the biggest thing for me and if we are treating ourselves on a date night then you bet we’re having food too. For me, there is so much choice on food so we take it in turns to pick where we eat. If you can’t decide you could always put names of Restaurants in a jar and pick out. Sometimes, a date night might even include a takeaway or even a subway as this is a treat for us. It doesn’t have to be a fancy meal!


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