Winter Skincare Saviours 2018 Must haves!

Winter can be harsh on our skin and sometimes we forget to nourish it. So, I thought I’d share my Winter Skincare Saviours so you can get inspiration. You can use these products on their own or incorporate them into your skincare routine.



A necessity in winter is keep your skin hydrated! For me, finding a moisturiser that isn’t expensive and I can use on a daily basis is a struggle. But, a friend recommended Simply Pure (a Superdrug home brand). For people with sensitive skin this product is amazing! My skin reacts to most skincare products and is extremely sensitive but since day one I haven’t had any problems with it.

Winter Skincare Saviours


Facial Soap

For days when I’m not feeling lazy I love to indulge my skin by cleaning it thoroughly. I always feel like my skin is squeaky clean after using this Clinique facial soap. It is so gentle on the skin and they have a range of different facial soaps to suit all skin types so I highly recommend going into a store and speaking to the Clinique staff to find the right product for your skin.

Winter Skincare Saviours



During Winter our skin can appear dull so getting some colour and brightness is a necessity. Now, when I heard Lacura were bringing out their own Healthy Glow which is a dupe of Pixi’s Glow Tonic I was intrigued to try it as it’s a fraction of the price. Now, I don’t own the Pixi but have been lusting so may have to treat myself! But, I’ve found the Lacura version does add a healthy glow to my skin that is noticeable. I especially love to use this on no makeup days as it makes my skin look so healthy and glowy.

Winter Skincare Saviours



Powder Cleanser

I was lucky enough to be gifted these on a recent event I attended and I thought they were so intriguing. It baffles me how they are a powder and think it’s so intriguing how it works. I also love that you don’t waste any product as they’re measured out into handy amounts! Through using this product I have noticed a difference in my skin, it looks brighter and my acne scarring doesn’t seem as red.

Winter Skincare Saviours


Face Mask

I couldn’t discuss my Winter Skincare Saviours and not mention face masks! I love during winter to come home get in my pyjamas and put a face mask on. My favourite face mask at the minute are these Holler and Glow face masks from primark. They’re sheet masks which make so much less mess and also they have cute patterns on them! I love to buy these as gifts for birthday and Christmas too.

Winter Skincare Saviour


Moisture Balm

On days when I’m wearing minimal makeup I want a product that’s going to create the illusion that I have glowing skin. This is where this amazing Bobbi Brown product comes in. Not only does it have moisturising factors but also it illuminates the skin! It looks beautiful all over the face or as a liquid highlighter to accentuate your cheek bones and cupid bow.

Winter Skincare Saviours


What are you favourite Winter Skincare Saviours?


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