I am a woman on a mission to ……

As a woman I think we are powerful forces to be recognised. Throughout history we have struggled but thanks to some amazing women we stand with more rights and stories to tell nowadays. This post is intended to be powerful and uplifting for women. In no way shape or form bashing males! Like our female ancestors, each one had a mission to achieve. From Rosa Parks, who was sick of not being able to sit on the bus, to the Suffragettes who fought for women’s rights! So, why can’t we have a mission? Whether it is great or small, we all have a mission in life! What’s yours?

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The Idea of the Mission

I want to create a little tag from this post in order to empower the amazing women of this world! By sharing what their mission is! No matter what the size of your mission, be it big or small. Because, we all have a mission in life that should be shared and heard!

The rules:-

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I’m a woman on a mission to…

“Share my journey of happiness, mental health and life”


Firstly, one of my main goals in life is to be happy no matter what is thrown my way. I am all for sharing positivity and adopting a positive mental attitude. I love to share my pursuit of happiness and what that actually means to me.

Happiness is the state of being happy but that state of happiness will be different for everyone. For me, happiness is being surrounded by the people I love the most but for someone else, happiness could be waking up every morning. The world is full of happiness in which we choose to define. Everyone will have different ideas of what is happiness to them! I am learning that my definition of happiness is not inferior to anyone else’s. We all have the right to define it how we want.

As part of my mission I would like to continue to share my pursuit for happiness. A part of this is the realisation that I cannot be happy 100% of the time. Some days will be bad but it’s taking them bad days and seeing the positive in them. For every bad thing there is at least one positive! I think this is the main thing in the pursuit of happiness, acceptance. Once, I learn to accept that life will control to some extent what happens, I just have to try and see the good in everything. Even the rubbish times such as getting a low university grade, I think of everything I’ve learnt from that module. That is a positive!

Mental Health

My mental health is something I have always been open about. But, I want to now share my story in order to help others that may be going through the same struggles as me. With the increasing numbers of people struggling with mental health, I feel it is more than ever important to share my story.

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I’ve spent the past month reflecting how far I have come in terms of my mental health. For example, not being able to leave my parents house as a teen, struggling to cope with everyday life. But, now. I live in my own flat, I’m completing my final year of university and pushing myself everyday. Each and every day I surprise myself. Now, not everyday is great but it’s about the little steps. I do have days when I feel like I’ve regressed but I always remind myself of them days when I couldn’t even leave the house.

I feel like I have a platform to share my mental health journey in the hopes it will help someone else. So, expect way more mental health posts from me sharing what I have learnt about my mental health. Also, how I am managing it day to day life.


Well, what can I say. Life is a roller coaster. There is ups, downs and some bits in the middle. But, mainly it is a journey of learning and development. Now, my life is not super interesting. I am a student living off my loan and documenting my daily struggles, dramas and the fun times. Sometimes, I do wish I had a super exciting life like reality stars. But, then they only show and share a proportion of their life so how do we really know it is so exciting. They are simply selecting the best bits. I’m sure if I only showed the best bits of my life, my life would look great too!

I would like to focus on pushing myself and enjoying life to the max. Learn to balance life and work. Because, one of my biggest struggles! I can never find a happy medium, one always seems to give. Maybe, some crazy antics too. I mean within reason!!! I’ve always wanted to do a zip line. Also, I would love to buy a house too in the future, this is a massive goal of mine.

My main mission in life is to learn that you can’t control what your life is. Instead, you have to sit back and enjoy the ride and take what comes your way! The good, the bad and the ugly! Because, everything happens for a reason, I am a strong believer that things happen to test us and see how we come out of it. So, by finding the positive in every situation and taking what comes your way with a pinch of salt is a must!

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I am a woman on a mission to …

share my journey of happiness, mental health and life

So, what’s your mission?


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