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Secret Santa gifts 10 gifts under £5 you need!

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is Secret Santa! Every year me and my university friends do Secret Santa as it is an affordable way for us students to take part in Christmas and there is also the fun element of mystery as to who is the gift from! Although, Secret Santa can become expensive so I’ve put together my top 10 Secret Santa gifts under £5 for all. I’ve tried to incorporate things I’d love to receive but also what I would buys others if I got them for Secret Santa without breaking the bank. As receiving Secret Santa gifts for me is so exciting, not knowing what you will receive but who has bought it too.

 Secret Santa gifts under £5

Secret Santa Gifts- One

Since I purchased my ring light for filming a couple of years ago my life has been changed and I’ve been lusting over a selfie light for my phone. It’s in essence a miniature ring light that you clip onto your phone for amazing photos. So, if you have anyone in your life selfie obsessed then this is the gift for them! Also, it’s a great gadget to have for family gatherings as too many times the quality of pictures have been ruined by dim lighting. With this bad boy that would no longer be an issue. Also, it’s only £4.50 which I think is a bargain compared to other selfie lights I’ve seen. You can get this selfie light from Superdrug. 


Secret Santa Gifts- Two

Is it Christmas if you don’t receive some socks? I feel like every year I always receive socks but I’m not complaining as they are practical! My favourite part of Christmas is the ability to wear Christmas themed clothing and not be heavily judged so wearing Christmas Socks for me is a necessity. The next level is when they are fluffy socks! These are a must have during the Autumn/Winter period! Especially for wearing when you have boots on as no one can see them and your feet are nice and cosy. They are also an inexpensive gift that everyone will use! My favourite have to be from Primark  as they are only £3 and come in this cute little box meaning I wouldn’t have to struggle wrapping them because my wrapping skills are very basic.

Secret Santa Gifts- Three

Now this one is more aimed at girls. I always have a tote bag on me, now we have to pay 5p for a carrier a bag. Paying an extra 5p is a no from me plus I’m doing my bit for the environment! I also love having nice designed tote bags and this one from Asda is perfect for putting people’s presents in whether they are wrapped or not. I always forget people have to carry their presents to and from places so a bag is a must have!


Secret Santa Gifts- Four

You didn’t think I’d forget my favourite, Hot Chocolate did you? This year I’m loving this cute set from Wilko that not only features a hot chocolate powder but a cute Christmas mug too. It’s all good and well having a cute Christmas mug or sachet of Hot Chocolate but combined is 100% better. Have you even received Secret Santa gifts if there isn’t hot chocolate in it?!


Secret Santa Gifts- Five

What is Christmas without chocolate. Chocolate is a must have during Christmas for me whether that’s a tin of celebrations, roses or quality streets. Well, I think transferring that onto a smaller level is must have for Secret Santa gifts and I love this white chocolate snowman lolly from Thortons it screams Christmas and not only does it look good but it tastes even better!


Secret Santa Gifts- Six

For me Christmas means going home and seeing family. Which means, I have access to a bath as my flat only has a shower. This is something I utilise when I’m home. I just can’t help but treat myself to a Lush Christmas Bath Bomb or Bubble Bar. My favourite is the Candy Mountain Yule Log from Lush  as you get plenty of use out of it and it just smells of the sweetness of Christmas to me.


Secret Santa Gifts- Seven

Who doesn’t like a house that smells of Christmas? I love Christmas themed candles to get me into the festivities and I love this little Boots  gift set that features 3 Christmas Yankee Candles. I think the Christmas cracker packaging is adorable too! The fact that you get three candles is brilliant especially for the price.


Secret Santa Gifts- Eight

When I think of Christmas I always think of red, gold and green. I of course, love to theme my nail polish. I just levitate to red nail varnish and I think it’s one of them gifts that most people will love. My favourite red nail polish has to be this Barry M nail polish in ruby slippers as it adds a little bit of glitz.


Secret Santa Gifts- Nine

Sometimes, you want to take your Christmas festivities a little subtle and not as obvious a your evidently Christmas Jumper. So, I’ve found these cute Glitter Bauble earrings from Claires that are perfect for adding that little touch of Christmas without going over the top. I love on Christmas day wearing Christmas themed jewellery.


Secret Santa Gifts- Ten

We always spend Christmas Day playing games with family and I love this festive games set from Paperchase . It’s small packaging means it’s easy to carry around. Especially for students travelling home for Christmas and it’s a great way to have fun! I think this would come under the fun and practical Secret Santa gifts section.


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