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Behind the Blog || Michelle Meilhon AKA Chelle MUA

Welcome back to another blogger in this series! I’m so excited to introduce Michelle Meilhon or as you know her ChelleMUA to you today. ChelleMUA is a trained makeup artist who blogs about makeup, AuPair and travel. As normal the questions will be in pink and ChelleMUA’s answers will be in black.

Behind the Blog

Question 1- What is a normal day to you?

I am a full time AuPair so most of the day is revolved around the boys and making sure they’re okay. I like to have coffee with friends and explore the city I live in.

Question 2- What is your biggest regret in life?

Not following my dreams off the bat and trying to please everyone else in my life.

Question 3- What is the meaning behind your blog?

My blog name is Chelle. When I was growing up everyone called me noo-noo Chelle as I was the younger Michelle (my cousins name is Michelle too). When my brother had children everyone called me and still calls me Chelle!

Question 4- What is your dream job and how does it compare to your job now?

My dream is to be able to blog full time while I encourage and empower women and children. I have always has such a passion for both and I one day would love to be able to do that full time. I currently look after children which is great but I would like to hone in and do specific courses and teaching with them.

Question 5- Talk about one person in your life who you don’t usually talk about on your blog and why they are so important to you.

My friends. I don’t often involve my friends on my blog because I respect their privacy and what not, but friends who have become family is really the most incredible thing. I love what they represent to me and I love that they support me from literally all over the world.


A massive thank you to Chelle for taking part in this series you can find her here

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